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BBT Fertility Chart Finder

Locate BBT charts based on fertility and ovulation signs and symptoms tagged by the BBT chart owners. BBT Charts matching all selected fertility tags are displayed.
BiphasicBFN (Not Pregnant)Triphasic
BFP (Pregnant)Slow RiserAnovulatory
PCOSUterine FibroidsHypothyroidism
HyperthyroidismEndometriosisLong Luteal Phase
Short Luteal PhaseStress CycleIllness
InfectionBreastFeedingAfter IUD
After the PillAfter Depo ProveraAfter BC Implant
Other MedsOvulation Prediction KitsFertility Monitor
MiscarriageUnder WeightOver Weight
Ectopic PregnancyIVFIUI
AcupunctureHerbal Fertility Supplement
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