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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Views Posts
May 4, 2012mommiesomedaySo, I had to adjust my start date and already got a +OPK!!!...111631
May 1, 2012WantBabiesTaking a Break from Clomid after 2 cycles. Praying to GOD th...138443
Apr 29, 2012PennyBananaForced to do natural cycle since injectables are back ordere...130340
Apr 24, 2012reevestx2Starting to feel myself give up........But it's worth one la...250934
Apr 24, 2012Hopeful10Clomid 3-7, PCOS, Help!...104421
Apr 23, 2012Naumo9914
Apr 21, 2012AnneMarieOk, this is the month.... I can feel it! Now to just get thr...139322
Apr 20, 2012letsmakeababyI'll start Clomid this cycle (100mg,CD 3-7) then Injectables...151468
Apr 19, 2012mamabear04BFP!!...16504
Apr 19, 2012jennylee~At 15 weeks & 4 days on *August 6th* we found out were bein...4455199
Apr 16, 2012Ready2BMomBaby Boy! Born 1/16/13 :)...247956
Apr 16, 2012ssbd4meStarted prometrium 5/22...6060
Apr 16, 2012AnxiouslyTTC6875
Apr 15, 2012ImagineHere we go again! Been very stressful though with a family b...82312
Apr 15, we go again...FX that April/May will be my cycle...121955
Apr 11, 2012R4chelIt's a GIRL!!!...3349110
Apr 6, 2012islandbeauty1120
Apr 6, 2012MollyBellFirst go at this...! Training for 1/2 marathon, and did 6 mi...99623
Apr 2, 2012DeeDeeXxX2760
Mar 29, 2012WantBabiesI need your advice I'm soo confused :( Hope this is the mont...123942
Mar 29, 2012wanttobemummyI am on day 89 of my cycle and still no period. I have been...120313
Mar 28, 2012PennyBananaAnother month of IUI and Clomid....155248
Mar 25, 2012reevestx2Here we go again.........108719
Mar 24, 2012letsmakeababyIUI scheduled for Friday 4/6/12 was cancelled...ugh! :(...133654
Mar 24, 2012mommiesomedayHere we go's to a fresh start!...110340
Mar 24, 2012Hopeful10I don't know what to think of this chart?...6110
Mar 23, 2012jennyleeGoing to try & relax a bit this month & try not to push thin...137584
Mar 22, 2012AnneMarieExcited about this second cycle of charting. Feel much more...101318
Mar 21, 2012puttertat4th cycle trying since 2nd M/C hoping for a Christmas baby!...160677
Mar 21, 2012ringthembellsGIVEAWAY! not charting at all just wondering if anyone wants...7806
Mar 19, 2012mamabear042nd cycle TTC...7355
Mar 19, 2012ImagineGot our fingers crossed for this month...I'm so impatient!!...6655
Mar 18, 2012NaumoFalse positive on an OPK...5263
Mar 18, 2012Ready2BMomOf course I have a normal lp when I'm wishing af would come....97220
Mar 18, 2012ssbd4me6263
Mar 13, 2012stajamesAll done, but it's all good!...93413
Mar 13, 2012R4chelOvulation Hiccups?...98118
Mar 11, 2012AnglhayThis is my second month charting my fertility and i am not s...7530
Mar 7, 2012mommiesomedayHELP!!! I need some advice on this cycle....7637
Mar 4, 2012cborn78Hubby and I started infertility testing this month. Hopefull...8487
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