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BBT Chart Legend

Chart Heading Chart Code / Description
Cycle Day 1 to N. The first day of menstruation marks cycle day 1.
Date The calendar date corresponding to the cycle day. Dates are in the format MM/dd, where MM is the month, and dd is the day of month.
Time The time BBT was taken, in Hour:Minute format.
Weekday S,M,T,W,T,F,S. The weekday on which the date falls (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
DPO 1 to N. Days Past Ovulation (Luteal Phase). Only shown if ovulation date recorded as having occurred during this cycle.
BBT Temp Range The BBT temperature range will be either in F (fahrenheit) or C (celsius), depending on member's temperature unit setting. The range encompasses the minimum and maximum BBT temperature during the cycle being charted.
Period Filled in for each period day tracked.
= Light Flow    = Medium Flow    = Heavy Flow    = Spotting Flow
Spotting Non-menstrual/mid-cycle spotting. displays for any day spotting was tracked during this cycle.
Cerv Fluid No abbreviation used. Displays cervical fluid data (sticky, eggwhite, etc.).
Cerv Pos Cervical Position
= Low     = Medium     = High
Cerv Firm Cervical Firmness:
=Soft   =Medium   =Firm
Cerv Opn Cervical Opening:
=Closed    =Medium    =Open
BD Intercourse: =Yes
PregTest Pregnancy Test:
for Postive, for Negative
OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit:
for Postive, for Negative
Ferning Ferning Test:
=None    =Partial    =Full
FertMon Fertility Monitor:
=High    =Low    =Peak
Cycle Symptom Cycle Symptoms (Ovarian Pain, Cramps, Headache, Breast Tenderness):
=Mild    =Moderate    =Severe
- - - Dashed Blue Line A dashed blue line between two bbt temps indicates a break in BBT tracking: either BBT was not tracked for 1 or more days in between, or one or more BBT temps were discarded (marked by member as not valid).

Depending on the member's chart sharing options, only some of the data listed above may appear on the chart.

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