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From MyMonthlyCycles Premium Service Members

Dear MyMonthlyCycles,

I just wanted to share with you a little about the benefit of MyMonthlyCylces in my life. I started 2 years ago using only the free service. It helped me to track my cycles as we prepared to have another child. I was able to show my Dr. my cycles and it allowed him to see any problems.

I upgraded to Premium Services and I love it. My Dr. has been able to see that my cycles are a little off and has helped me with hormone therapy to get my cycles back to normal.

I can pinpoint when I am going to start my cycle, ov, and I can even track my temp., cervical fluid and so much more. I can even record when we "sprinkle baby dust" so when I become pregnant I will know when it happened.

Since starting to use MyMonthlyCycles I have gotten my cycles back on track and they are on time now, I am able to track my fertility to able us to have a baby. I have already gotten pregnant once with the aid of MyMonthlyCharts and Premium Fertility because I knew exactly when to sprinkle the baby dust. Thanks MyMonthlyCylces!

-- Tracy, Texas

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