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For almost a year, I would have this insecurity spell where I would accuse my husband of seeing another woman, very distrustful and crying all the time and I would tell my dear and close girlfriend about this every time it happened. She would listen to me go on and on and on until finally she told me that she'd noticed that it was only certain times of the month when I would do this and have I ever thought about charting my period.

At 43 years of age, I've never followed my period, I just knew it would come every month and that's that. Plus, I've always cramped so bad that I always knew when it was there.

Anyway, I thought the MyMonthlyCycle services were reasonable in price and looked pretty easy. I liked the idea I could get on anytime I wanted and log in my feelings (this is where I would note my accusations), how I felt, and check off a whole list of symptoms that I had.

After 3 months, I took a look at the charts to see what was going on and was just floored. Every time I would go into my "seeing another woman mode" it was the same time every month. It was there in black and white. I couldn't believe this was happening to me every month.

Thank goodness I have a husband who is very understanding and didn't let things get out of hand between us. Now, that I'm aware of this, even though I still have the same feelings and symptoms, I'm better able to control myself, my feelings and what I say during this time because I know it was pass.

Thank you MyMonthlyCycles!

-- Angela, Michigan

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