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Apr 17, 2014Babybear1First month trying clomid 50mg also doing acupuncture.. Any...4724
Apr 15, 2014mommaZLatest BBT chart...2758
Apr 14, 2014islandbeauty0440
Apr 12, 2014PrayingHopingCycle 19......271082
Apr 12, 2014Cpelt006Started a new one and this is it so far. Don't know what I e...11741
Apr 12, 2014GailwynstarrTTC Cycle 1. Just finished breastfeeding this month & hope t...1723
Apr 11, 2014Betsy404Did I ovulate twice? Confused...2663
Apr 10, 2014deedee10915
Apr 9, 2014Jeny13#12 cycle ttc- A year gone......0588
Apr 9, 2014Surfete78To be continued :/...37905
Apr 2, 2014Ceijae0582
Apr 2, 2014amandahugsandkissDidn't Ovulate this cycle look at my BBT....0740
Apr 1, 2014KRTClomid 100mg Cycle days 5-9...261011
Mar 27, 2014KNMsurroCharting for TS journey...0560
Mar 23, 2014AndreaLynnNot using fertility monitor this month. Have a HSG test Mond...6648
Mar 23, 2014Carynd13OK so this cycle came on time and so far looks good. This cy...151314
Mar 20, 2014emellaFirst month with bbt charting! Egg white appears around day...4792
Mar 19, 2014letsmakeababyCycle 52 TTC! and AF marks the start of IVF #3 (Technically...11713
Mar 17, 2014BabyoneHere we go again... :-(...12964
Mar 12, 2014Surfete78IUI#2...28972
Mar 12, 2014iwanttobeamummy:( TTC, No Ovulation this month, don't know what to do....37892
Mar 12, 2014Cpelt006TTC so over a year. Someone help please :( Can anyone tell m...7555
Mar 10, 2014PrayingHopingCycle 18. 1.5 years of TTC No bbt charting again. Started...261081
Mar 9, 2014Gailwynstarr2nd post partum cycle. Late ovulation and short luteal phase...0588
Mar 9, 2014Jeny13#11 cycle ttc...7679
Mar 4, 2014praying4twinsBack to Clomid again after 4 years of stopping it. also taki...2690
Mar 2, 2014amandahugsandkiss0385
Mar 2, 2014Babybear1Very different to last month will I ovulate?? Any ideas what...6774
Feb 28, 2014Ready2BMomI can't believe it...BFP all on our own! Praying this little...51774
Feb 22, 2014Lb14New to charting. Anyone have any idea what's going on with m...6695
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