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Jan 13, 2007NurseJenny790191
Jan 13, 2007Babyprayerswent to see RE for 2nd opinion on left side hurting, found h...0119
Dec 30, 2006amyalice0201
Dec 24, 2006Mikie0808
Dec 14, 2006Babyprayers0114
Dec 13, 2006NurseJenny790189
Dec 3, 2006amyalice0192
Nov 15, 2006Babyprayers0105
Nov 3, 2006amyalice0180
Oct 19, 2006Babyprayersleft side hurting but cycles lengthening out after start clo...0243
Oct 16, 2006NurseJenny790168
Oct 6, 2006amyalice0177
Sep 26, 2006BabyprayersOB is happy clomid seems to show ovulation, but my left side...0119
Sep 15, 2006NurseJenny790172
Sep 7, 2006amyalice0159
Aug 27, 2006Babyprayersstarted tracking bbt for doc while on clomid...0102
Aug 9, 2006amyalice0166
Aug 3, 2006BabyprayersStarted having left side hurting after a month on Clomid...096
Jul 10, 2006amyalice0203
Jul 3, 2006Babyprayers098
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