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Baby Girl Names 2019 Results

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Below are the most popular baby girl names for 2019 and 2018 -- there were no newcomers in 2019 for girls' names, but there were some ranking changes: Olivia made it to #1, having been the #2 name for 5 years (from 2014 to 2018)! Emma, which had been #1 for 5 years straight (2014 to 2018), as well as in 2008, moved back to second place. Sophia moved up to 4th most popular, switching with Isabella who moved to 5th place. (Chart and compare names!)

Rank Girls 2019 Girls 2018
1 Olivia Emma
2 Emma Olivia
3 Ava Ava
4 Sophia Isabella
5 Isabella Sophia
6 Charlotte Charlotte
7 Amelia Mia
8 Mia Amelia
9 Harper Harper
10 Evelyn Evelyn

Poll: Which 2019 baby boy name do you like most?

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