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More Tracking and Charting for Your Menstrual & Fertility Cycles
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MyMonthlyCharts, Premium Fertility, and Perimenopause Journaling are now all FREE!
Becoming a MyMonthlyCycles Member and Adding Premium Services
To use any of our premium services, you need to be a member of MyMonthlyCycles. If you are not yet a member, follow the steps below to create your free MyMonthlyCycles account, after which you can order premium service(s).
Register for MyMonthlyCycles
MyMonthlyCycles is free, but you do need to register.
See sidebar: What can I do for free at MyMonthlyCycles?

When you register, a confirmation email is sent to you. Click on a link in that email and your account is activated.
Login to Your New MyMonthlyCycles Account
Login, take a look around, and definitely start tracking your cycles! Add a few of your menstrual periods, some cycle symptoms, try our calculators, view a few of the basic data reports.
Order Premium Services
To order MyMonthlyCharts and/or Premium Fertility, click on any of the Premium Services links from the MyMonthlyCycles home page. Then, click on the order link.
Premium Services are now all FREE!
What can I do for free at MyMonthlyCycles?
Tons! You can do all of the following for free at
Menstrual Cycle Tracking
Track your menstrual periods, spotting between periods, breast-self exams, weight, basal body temperature and cervical fluid, and dozens of cycle symptoms, including cramps, breast tenderness, moods, water retention.
Menstrual & Ovulation Calculators
You can use these calculators to predict future periods, and approximately when you will ovulate and your fertile days.
Menstrual Cycle Reminders
Setup a variety of email reminders that automatically trigger based on your cycle history: your period is late, your period is about to start, perform a breast exam, and many more!
History Data Reports
Basic reports that generate detailed and summary listings of your cycle data.
New to MyMonthlyCycles?
Take the MyMonthlyCycles Tour.
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