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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: elohimchaser on Dec 31, 2008
Could I be pregnant?


Hi, my AF is 6 days late. I am on a 26 day cycle and it is never late. I am like clock work. I took one hpt on saturday 27 but it was -. So I took another one on Monday and it was also -. Then this morning when I woke up I had some brown rusty discharge. Is this my AF coming? My DH swears that I am pregnant. But I don't want to get my hopes up. We have been trying now for almost a year and we have one child who just turned 8. It would be awesome if I could tell her that she could have a bro/sis in nine months:) Any opinions on what I should do? Should I take another test or just wait for my AF to arrive? Please any advice would be awesome, I am driving myself insane!!

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Posted by: Rose0708 on Dec 31, 2008
Could I be pregnant?


I am usually very regular, also... I am on Day 48 and the only signs of pregnancy that I am having is no cycle, frequent urination, discomfort (lower abdomen) and hunger. I have taken three OTC pregnancy test and they were all negative. I have an eight year old daughter. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Posted by: auntyspuddy on Dec 30, 2008
Could I be pregnant?

10 days late!!!!

Hi, I am totally confused!! I stopped my contraception last April, as we decided to try for a baby. In May I had an op to remove a cyst and a massive fibroid was discovered during the procedure. In October of this year I underwent an open myomectomy to remove the fibroid. The op was totally successful and I got my period as expected 29 days after I stopped bleeding (21st Nov). I was due to get my period on or around the 20/12, but still no sign of it? I have taken two tests both have come back negative, any ideas as to what is going on???

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Posted by: baby_jurkis on Dec 28, 2008
Could I be pregnant?


I stopped B/C in February 08. Since then I have exremely irregular cycles, lasting between 36 and 70 days. Last week I have period symtoms like hot flashes, and cramps, extreme hunger. No period though. I have also taken 2 tests both BFN. I usually enjoy wine but now just the thought of it doesn't sound appealing. DH and I have been TTC since July and still nothing. I have read books, charted BBT, BBD 2x a week. Everything I could think of. I have no idea when I should test again. I'll be back later bald, beaucse I've pulled all my hair out.

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Posted by: SG1234 on Dec 27, 2008
Could I be pregnant?

Could I?

I am usually very regular...28-30 days tops. I am on Day 34 and no sign of period except my stomach is a bit uncomfortable. I took an OTC pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. Just curious if anyone else has had this same thing happen and turns out they WERE pregnant?

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Posted by: Kayleeogg on Dec 27, 2008
Could I be pregnant?

OKAY! You've got my attention!

I HATE not knowing! That is the worst!!

DH and I haven't really been TTC, but we haven't really taken any precautions to avoid it either. We've just kind of decided to let it be what it will be...

Well, he did anyway...

Now every month I am stuck in this crazy 2-Week waiting period, going certifiably crazy!! Usually it is just me psyching myself out, but this month I have cause for concern.

LMP was November 17. I am on CD 41 when my typical cycle is 33 days +/- 2. The latest I have ever been was a 40-day cycle, but that was during an EXTREMELY stressful portion of my life. Lately stress has been mild to moderate. No biggie. Nothing that would cause a late AF.

About 3 DPO (approximate) I had a teeny tiny bit of pinkish blood in CM. Then again at CD 35. I've been having a sharp pain in my lower right pelvic area, and backaches/headaches galore! But nothing in my breasts, which is WIERD! Normally AF really gives me a run for my money there, starting about a week before she comes. And I've been feeling little queezy/nauseous moments, but they pass. I've just been chalking them up to Stomach flu season.

But when I put them all together, and add them with AF mysteriously disappearing, it's got my attention. I've taken 3 HPTs and all have been negative...


I'm thinking that I'll give her another week and then I'm going to make an appt.

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