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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: lovemysoldier on Feb 15, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

increase in cm and tender breasts...pregnant??

Hi there! I am currently in the 2WW. AF is due in 2 days and i have never had a big increase in cm. might be tmi but i have definitly had an increase in cm and my breasts are VERY tender and sore! i ovulated roughly around the 1st or 2nd of february and BD from the 30th of january until the 6th when my husband left for training for a month(he is in the army) i have taken 3 HPTs and all negative although i may just not have enough HCG in my system...ive done research and all the sites ive read says an increase in cm means a possibility that you are prego...has anyone else been in my situation and had an increase in cm?? also waa slightly nauseous for a few minutes tonight but not for long...dont know if that makes a difference or not...please serious answers! I would LOVE to have my husband come home in a month and be able to tell him im prego!!

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Posted by: Wanting1stbaby on Feb 13, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

LMP 21st Dec = 26days late Lots of Neg HPT

Well i have tested again today and again it is Neg i am so feed up what is going on? I have never completely missed a period so how will it start again??

My 'Next' period is due on tuesday so if nothing arrives i will go back to doc. Only problem is my docs only do urine tests not blood which to me is a waste of time as thats what i am doing and when they sent one off 2 weeks ago it was Neg.

2 years of TTC and i am back to knowing nothing about my body, today i have very faint period pains and my breast are tender/sore but i had cramps when i was a week late so can not assume it means anything. I never get cramps until AF has arrived.


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Posted by: SarahLou03 on Feb 9, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

2ww - possible early symptoms???

Hi all! Am currently in the infuriating 2ww and wanted to get some opinions on possible early symptoms? Potential tmi warning btw!

~ BD'ed Saturday (5th Feb)

~ estimated Ov (based on cycle length, no temp charting or opks) 7th Feb

~ 1dpo: major heartburn, creamy white cm - more than is usual in my cycles, actually had mild panic that AF had come ridiculously early, it was so much.

~ 1-2dpo: mild cramps in pelvic area, slightly achy and itchy breasts.

~ vague nausea since 6th Feb, also very hungry all the time, slightly bloated too.

~ twingy aches in vaginal area.

I know it's ridiculously early to tell anything, but patience has never been my strong suit - has anyone had similar symptoms this early and ended up with a bfp?

I've got 11 days until AF is due to show, it's going to be torture waiting!

Sarah x

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Posted by: aisis on Feb 9, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

I feel like screaming I'm sooo fustrated!!

Hi all,

just wondered if anyone else has/is having similar experience to me?

My last period began on 19th Dec 2010, i had some (very) slight spotting 2 weeks later, but no period to date. I've taken 4 tests in the last 2 weeks but all negative. I have been TTC for 18 months and it just doesn't seem to want to happen. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened (stress/weight etc..) so I just can't understand it!! Any comments would be sooo helpful. Thanks xx

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Posted by: angie16 on Feb 6, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

Has anyone become pregnant without any symptoms?

Well, AF was due Saturday, and nothing at all...I don't even feel it coming. I was praying to conceive this month, but I don't feel any symptoms at all.

Has anyone ending up being pregnant with no symptoms at all? It's strange though, for quite a few days this past month i've felt sick and sore and tired, but then they all stopped. Man this is frustrating, I don't want to take a test yet, I just don't want to see another BFN. This will be 2 days late today, perhaps i'll wait a week, (yeah right).

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Posted by: hiswifey11 on Feb 4, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

4 days late

me and my bf have been trying to conceive for the past 3 months i have always been regular always a 28 day cycle my last period was jan.4-9 so i was suppose 2 come on jan.30 or feb.1 but here it is feb.4 and no sign of af only sore swollen breast and a mild cramp here and there but nothing major i feel sick sometimes out of no where i took 2 pregnancy test the day after missed period but both were negative am i testing to early are am i just late please help any advice

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