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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: marmalade on Feb 3, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

to be or not to be...

9 days late, bloating and gas, metallic taste kinda, slight nausea, dizziness when going from sitting to standing. funky dreams, mild heart burn and obsessing about the possibility of being pregnant despite the negative hpt i took yesterday mid day...

pregnant? or mind playing tricks on me...?

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Posted by: lovemysoldier on Feb 2, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

Could I Be Pregnant???? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice! I had my period roughly dec. 4,2010(was on vacation so didnt really know the exact date). I didnt get my next period until Jan. 20, 2011. Usually my periods are about 7 to 8 days long but this time it was only about 3 days long. I still had cramping and bleeding but it was just considerably shorter...I have been tracking my ovulation with OPKs and for the last 5 days i have gotten faint lines in the test area all getting darker each day i take it...could i be pregnant??? Me and my husband are ttc so it would be great to find out that I was!!! Any help? Has anyone else gotten bad cramps and heavy bleeding that turned out to be implantation bleeding??

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Posted by: becksta on Feb 1, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

17 days late id swear im pregnant but neg HPT

17 Days late i have a exact 28day cycle only ever late twice before both times i was pregnant.even after i had my kids i bled for 5 days like a normal cycle start and went straight back into my normal cycle immediatley no messing around.we use condoms but we forgot to a couple times.

no stress

no sudden weight changes

no illness

no medications / or drugs

no travel

not menopausal - im 27

no reason for me to be late other than the obvious.

i have that "pregnant feeling" i got with both my other pregnancies before confirming them. i have nausea, had light cramps for a week, dizziness, tired, extremely strong sense of smell (my partner tried to sneak up on me but couldnt i smelled his soap he used hours before hand before he was even through the door), food aversions,weird feeling in my lower abdomen? no spotting no blood at all. - just like both my other pregnancies

i have taken a few tests cant remember how many exactly thought i saw the faintest line on one but i think it was just a trick of the lights had a negative after that.

if i hadnt taken any tests id swear i was pregnant.

asked my gp i have been seeing since i was a baby to do a blood test he said maybe if i give it another week he will think about it!! (i have the only doctor who hates needles lol)

btw - tests when i had my daughter (5 yrs ago) bright clear positive within seconds of doing the test 1 day late - tests when i had my son (just over 1 year ago) negative 1 day late, faint almost invisible positive 2 days late, faint but visable positive 4 days late. (maybe im a progressivley bad tester lol)

thoughts, opinions, advice! thank you

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Posted by: trouble627 on Jan 31, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

pregnant or getting my hopes up?

hi everyone

Im wondering if i could be pregnant?...i have some breast tenderness not bad but noticeable, i feel nauseous every now and then, and im always hungry, i could eat dinner and 30 mins later eat more!! about a week ago i had really really light spotting, and i have noticed some cramps off and on the past 3 or 4 due for AF tomorrow but afraid to take a pregnancy test because i have had 2 miscarriages since june...i always lose them about 5 to 6 weeks..i dont spot not even a little during regular nervous and i dont want to get my hopes up..any thoughts would be appreciated

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Posted by: Wanting1stbaby on Jan 30, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

12 days late & 3 Neg HPT - Please help


I am 32 and have been ttc for 2 yrs and never been pregnant or at least i don't think i have!

I am currently 12 days late & have had 3 neg HPT (last one done Thurs am) but can not see the doc until tuesday evening to see if they will do a blood test.

Has anyone had this happen and been pregnant and if so are these symptons or me just desparatley holding onto hope!

Since AF was due,

I look bloated all the time even when i do not have gas (sorry TMI)

Lots of spots like never before

alot of watery cervical mucus


I did have cramps and a few stabbing pains for a week after af due but this stopped around thursday.

In the last 2 days i have had lower back ache.

However i did have flu about the time i ov & we only BD 2 times once before Ov & flu started and once after ov before flu got really bad -i was ill for over a week so wonder if this could be a factor.

Good Luck & BD to u all xx

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Posted by: mooncox on Jan 29, 2011
Could I be pregnant?

Projesterone cream raise bbt temp??

Hey, anyone out you know if using progesterone cream the 2nd half of your cycle will raise your bbt temperatures? mine are rising nicely, but I am worried that it is only the Progesterone cream that is raising it --not a fertile/implantation egg!

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