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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: eggs on Sep 26, 2009
Could I be pregnant?

pregnant or period?

I have just stopped using birth control pills (almost a month ago)and I am not sure if I am pregnant or its I feel my ovaries in action simply because I am paying closer attention to them now that I am off the pill. I have already tried the home pregnancy test 3 times so far, all are negative results. I am supposed to get my period today, but I still have time until the end of the day, but I dont feel like its coming, but how long after today do I have to wait to be certain that my period is late and I am pregnant? because it seems like my hormone level is too low to show on a home pregnancy test

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Posted by: msleelee04 on Sep 25, 2009
Could I be pregnant?

Confused and Dont Know What To Do....HELP!!!

My last period was July 26th I normally stay on my period at the most 5 days. I started having lower to middle back pains, and also some stomach pains, and sort of a appetite change(eating more) and food cravings. I did not come on my period at all in the month of August. I was going to take a pregnancy test but I had just been putting it off for some reason. Ok, so here comes September and I happened to come on my period on the 12th, but this period wasn't at all a normal period. The flow was ALOT lighter than normal and it seems as if it were every other day or so and some spotting with the continued stomach pains and back pains less frequently sort of than before. What should I do? Is there a chance that I am pregnant? PLEASE HELP!!

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Posted by: betty66 on Sep 21, 2009
Could I be pregnant?

could i be pregnant

Hi I came off the pill in July and am trying for a baby! Since I have come off the pill my periods are actually lighter!! My cycle is 29 days and have been regular since i stopped the pill. This month it is so light its practically non-igsistant!!. Im just wondering as ive heard some people can still get periods while pregnant could that be why it is so light or does anybody know any other reasons!!

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Posted by: Kibbles83 on Sep 16, 2009
Could I be pregnant?

spotting for 3 weeks...

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now - I have never been pregnant before. I had irregular periods for about 3 years (we think due to diet) but have had them under control for the past year. I get my period about every 30-31 days.

My last period (in mid august) was normal. We had sex the day before ovulation and about 4 days after that I spotted off and on for the one day. Then I was fine and saw nothing for 3 days and then started spotting again and haven't stopped since! It's been about 3 weeks of seeing it daily..sometimes a little darker or lighter than the day before. I was due for my period on the 14th and even though I normally get my period quite heavy on the first day and it lasts for 4 days, this time it was as if the spotting just got slightly heavier, but only to the point where a tampon was coming out with blood on it, but if I didn't use one only once every 4-5 hours would I see actual blood in a small amount come from me. That only lasted the one day...I've been back to spotting a very light pink for the past 2 days...I have not taken a pregnacy test yet this time as I have been too upset everytime before when I have gotten a negative. I have had a headache for the past week or so and have not been sleeping comfortably for about the same amount of time. My lower stomach has felt very bloated, as if I am about to get my period and very much does feel that way today!

Does anyone have any knowledge on what might be happening?

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Posted by: wowgirl1975 on Sep 16, 2009
Could I be pregnant?

CD21 6DPO Implanation Bleeding? Maybe?

Since I've exhausted my "I might be pregnant" conversations w/my fiance I figured I'd get all of my obsession out here.

I'm an average 28 day cycle. My Last period was 8/26. I ovulated on 9/9 or so. I had sex 3x that week w/the "pull and pray" method since I'm not on BC.

Here is where I got a bit "uh-oh" ... on CD21 6DPO (This was 9/15), I spotted brown. It caught me completely off guard. I'm not due for my period until 9/23.

On 9/12 I started to notice tenderness in my breasts and on on 9/13 or 9/14 I noticed a creamy discharge on my panties and thought THAT was odd. Then the spotting. Of course I get online and start googling /calculating...

As of today 9/17 (CD 22 7 DPO) I have now had a very very light brown mucousy thin "spotting" only when I wipe. However the center of my pelvis (base) is achy ... sort of full feeling. I have NO Idea if I'm experiencing way too early PMS (Although after snapping at a group of friends via email I would have thought so) OR if this was Implantation Bleeding.

Some other "quirky" symptoms...the past week I've been overheating around mid afternoon. To the point I'm undressing to be cooler and putting the AC on at work.

I've also had bouts of nausea and I've been VERY gassy and I'm also starving quite a bit lately. The other night I went to bed starving and couldn't understand why. I ate dinner. I couldn't wait for breakfast when I got up the next day.

The calculations would prove I'm right on target if I did indeed conceive. Am I wasting my time thinking "this is it" and how soon should I plan on testing if I can prior to 9/23 AF tentative arrival.

If you followed this, great job -- I can never follow these questions with dates, etc. so if you can give me any sort of yeah/neah that would be great!

Oh and I should say...I have a 12 yo daughter so it's been quite a while since I went through this and with her, I was 21 with absolutely NO Symptoms (easiest thing actually!!!)

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Posted by: mom2three on Sep 16, 2009
Could I be pregnant?


Hi ladies, my period was suppose to start 9/13 or 9/14 and it still isn't here. I'm late by two or three days. I'm worried and confused because I had my tubes cut and tied in 2005. This is the FIRST time that i have been late. I have been feeling down for about two weeks, have sore breasts, and cramping like my period is going to start but when i run to the bathroom, thinking its finally here, there is nothing.Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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