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When Did You Decide Baby Names?

At what point did you select the name that you actually gave your baby? Before you were pregnant, during pregnancy, after delivery?

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Posted by: 4ever4got10 on Jan 22, 2007
When Did You Decide Baby Names?


My husband and I decided on a baby girl's name early on into my pregnancy. We had no clue on a name for a baby boy. The day before I found out I was having a boy I was watching the Notebook and I looked over at my husband and said, "I like the name Noah" He said, he did too so that's the name we stuck with.

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Posted by: thedesigner on Jan 17, 2007
When Did You Decide Baby Names?

One named months before and another just minutes.

With my first child my husband and I knew right away that we wanted an "Alex." It was easy, if it was a boy it would be "Alexander" and if it was a girl it would be "Alexandria." The middle name was easy too because my father wanted the child named after him, "Barry." Though It did become a battle for placement. eventually we all agreed that it was going the middle name. I had known many men and woman named "Barry" - all whom I loved and appreciated. Oh how easy.

My second child was different. We scoured the books. Reviewed all possible names, but just couldn't come away with something that my husband and I would agree upon. It came to the day that the baby was born. It was if this child was waiting for his name for the opening not yet big enough. Over and over my husband was reading names. He'd want one and didn't, and visa-versa. Finally we found it. One name for a girl and another for a boy. I guess the baby heard the news because just after the opening increased quickly and the boy was born. A boy named "Mitchell Ryan." I guess that he was waiting to make a grand entrance.

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Posted by: NurseJenny79 on Jan 17, 2007
When Did You Decide Baby Names?

I chose them long before pregnancy

I decided on baby names in my early 20s, long before I met my husband or even thought about having children. Well, unfortunately, my husband already has a little girl with the name I chose for a girl! As for a boy, he REALLY wants one named after him. Since his ex-wife wouldn't name their boy after him, I'd feel horrible giving him another boy without his name. He'd agree to the name I chose for a boy but I just couldn't do that to him again! So, the girl name I chose is out and the boy name I chose will only happen if we have more than one boy. I'm still happy, though. After all, a healthy baby is what matters most! We've been waiting for over a year for the right opportunity to try for a baby. We decided on March of 2007 so the wait is almost over! After one year of waiting, we only have a month-and-a-half left! YAY!

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Posted by: mzjazz on Jan 16, 2007
When Did You Decide Baby Names?

Months of baby name planning, then named after moms!

Once I got pregnant, we spent forever searching out the perfect baby name. We used online baby name sites, baby name books, asked everyone for advice. It was a daily ritual throughout my pregnancy. We had lists of boy names, girl names. Then, when our beautiful baby girl was born, we didn't use any of those! We immediately named her after my mother, with her middle name after my husband's mother.

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