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I don't like my period!

What do you dislike most about your period? Is it the cramps? Bloating & Water Retention? Feminine protection hassles? Something else? What comes next on your dislike period list?

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Posted by: luv4fam on May 22, 2009
I don't like my period!

anxious, moody

I hate how irratable I get about a week before. I get so anxious about everything. I'm definetely not my normal self. I also hate thinking that any minute I could have an accident and be severely embarrased! Is this just me? I'm done having children, and I wish soooo bad I didn't have to go through this every month.

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Posted by: randomxchick on Apr 17, 2009
I don't like my period!

Worst Period Yet.

This period, was the worst of the worst. Besides getting the bitchy bitchy's, i got the weepy weepy. The week before i had gotten my period, i would cry over everything, even during a comedy movie. I had fought with my boyfriend over stupid things, and then cry afterward because i would feel horrible. It was the week of my period, and i was still crying up a storm. I lost my appetite and loss of sleep. I had horrible dreams and they would keep me up.

When i finally got it, on Wednesday i was happy as hell. Sure i had gotten cramps, but i rather have them and be emotional as hell. Though i have to admit, i love the cravings i get, this time it was Chocolate Chip cookies.

Hopefully next month, i don't get the weepy weepy, because i can not stand it.

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Posted by: MelysaAmi on Mar 17, 2009
I don't like my period!


I had my son about 6 months ago. I ended up getting a c-section. I only ended up bleeding for about 3 weeks, but it was mostly spotting. I didnt get my period until my son was about 2 months old.
And when I did, I got it bad. For 2 and a half weeks, I had the heavest flow ever. I had bad cramps, and my entire body hurt. Finally it all stopped. After that, i got it about every 5 weeks. Last month, i had spotting for 3 days and that was it. Now i started my period yesterday, and its flowing like a river again. I just want my period to be consistant, not all over the place. I'm sick of having a easy period, and then having one that is really bad. I mean come on!

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Posted by: crtygrl on Mar 12, 2009
I don't like my period!


i hate the cramps and bloating. i just want to stay in bed and be anti social. I hate the fact that they are so unpredictable CD31 before i was on BC they were like clock work, when i was on it it would skip a month here and there. I've been off of them since September and they've been unpredictable since. i wished i could do something to get them to regualar again and something to help with the cramps

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Posted by: jess89 on Mar 12, 2009
I don't like my period!

Always late...

What I hate most about my period is that it is always late!! And I hate that because I always worry if I'm pregnant or not!!!

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Posted by: Gets on Feb 18, 2009
I don't like my period!

Possibly embarrasing.

I think that a period is needed to get pregnant, But does it have to be so _____________. Well you fill in the blank. I would have to say that I dislike how messy it can be. Okay so u put on a pad.and Bam! Next thing u know it runs all over the place. Okay I tried tampons and I don't like how uncomfotable it gets when it's time to change it. I don't like blood ,to begin with, that much. And having to lets say look for the string.... oh no I think thats really why I stuck to pads better.

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