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MyMonthlyCycles Menstrual and Fertility Quizzes
Test your menstrual and fertility IQ! Take our quizzes and find out how much you know about your menstrual and fertility cycles.
Approximately how many symptoms are associated with PMS?Take Quiz>>
Can you get your period after menopause?Take Quiz>>
Do menstruation and menstrual cycle mean the same thing?Take Quiz>>
During what phase of the menstrual cycle is an egg released?Take Quiz>>
How much blood do you lose during your period?Take Quiz>>
Menstrual Cycle Length - How to calculate?Take Quiz>>
Mittelschmerz - what is it?Take Quiz>>
Only two female mammals menstruate. Humans and...?Take Quiz>>
What causes menstrual cramps?Take Quiz>>
What does amenorrhea mean?Take Quiz>>
What does menorrhagia mean?Take Quiz>>
What is menarche?Take Quiz>>
What might cause you to skip a menstrual period?Take Quiz>>
Which is the first day of the menstrual cycle?Take Quiz>>
Which is the first phase of the menstrual cycle?Take Quiz>>
Fertility / Reproductive Anatomy
Abbreviations: DPO, CM, AI...they stand for what?Take Quiz>>
BBT - lower or higher after ovulation?Take Quiz>>
BBT - take it when?Take Quiz>>
Does X + X = boy or girl?Take Quiz>>
Does X + Y = boy or girl?Take Quiz>>
hCG - it's an acronym for what?Take Quiz>>
How does an embryo get its nutrients and oxygen?Take Quiz>>
How long does an ovulated egg live?Take Quiz>>
How many ovaries do females have?Take Quiz>>
Identical and Fraternal Twins: how are they created?Take Quiz>>
Just how big is an ovulated female egg?Take Quiz>>
Male sperm, female eggs: do they keep producing?Take Quiz>>
What are gametes?Take Quiz>>
What do the fallopian tubes connect?Take Quiz>>
What makes sperm motile (able to move)?Take Quiz>>
What moves an egg through the fallopian tube?Take Quiz>>
What shape best describes the uterus?Take Quiz>>
Where is an egg normally fertilized?Take Quiz>>
Which hormone is produced by the pituitary gland?Take Quiz>>
Whose chromosome determines the baby's gender?Take Quiz>>
Why is a pap smear performed?Take Quiz>>
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