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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Views Posts
Apr 12, 2014PrayingHopingCycle 19......694
Apr 9, 2014Surfete78To be continued :/...959
Apr 1, 2014KRTClomid 100mg Cycle days 5-9...1388
Mar 25, 2014LunityThis is my first chart after using ovulation tests. Hope it...291
Mar 23, 2014AndreaLynnNot using fertility monitor this month. Have a HSG test Mond...1866
Mar 23, 2014Carynd13OK so this cycle came on time and so far looks good. This cy...36611
Mar 20, 2014emellaFirst month with bbt charting! Egg white appears around day...695
Mar 19, 2014letsmakeababyCycle 52 TTC! and AF marks the start of IVF #3 (Technically...1887
Mar 17, 2014BabyoneHere we go again... :-(...26712
Mar 12, 2014Surfete78IUI#2...45528
Mar 12, 2014iwanttobeamummy:( TTC, No Ovulation this month, don't know what to do....11016
Mar 10, 2014PrayingHopingCycle 18. 1.5 years of TTC No bbt charting again. Started...54626
Mar 9, 2014Jeny13#11 cycle ttc - Do you see this dip too right? I've never...1767
Mar 4, 2014praying4twinsBack to Clomid again after 4 years of stopping it. also taki...1822
Mar 2, 2014Babybear1Very different to last month will I ovulate?? Any ideas what...1874
Feb 28, 2014Ready2BMomI can't believe it...BFP all on our own! Praying this little...3134
Feb 22, 2014Lb14New to charting. Anyone have any idea what's going on with m...1536
Feb 20, 2014AHanner26Hopefully, better luck this time. 3...3101
Feb 17, 2014BabyoneSeveral days of positive opks...2009
Feb 16, 2014Carynd132nd cycle A week early. this time taking Metformin. Feeling...36112
Feb 15, 2014Surfete78IUI #1...63027
Feb 14, 2014KiattiWhat do you guys think? I am new to this charting stuff... a...1825
Feb 12, 2014letsmakeababyMonth 51 TTC! Baseline U/S & E2 B/W today (2/12) & everythin...51222
Feb 11, 2014KRTMy husband and I decided to relax this month. So no clomid b...38412
Feb 9, 2014Jeny13#10 cycle ttc - #6 cycle BBT...1830
Feb 6, 2014Gianyconst1283
Feb 6, 2014Blakeley10th month. A November baby will be a nice anniversary prese...109246
Feb 5, 2014PrayingHopingCould this be our month for an anniversary baby? Nope. Cycl...61916
Feb 5, 2014soready1Cycle 9 got our bfp.. Took like 10 tests all different kinds...108935
Feb 1, 2014Babybear1What going on did I ovulate finding charting hard...2186
Feb 1, 2014iwanttobeamummyDid I Ovulate? Hello ladies, I'm new to this. What do you l...1954
Jan 27, 2014AndreaLynnHoping for a birthday surprise this month. Af is due on my b...2650
Jan 26, 2014Ready2BMomTrying for a few months on our own before going to RE. We'll...3204
Jan 25, 2014RANZOM23Not sure whats going on, hoping we can detect when i ovulate...2700
Jan 23, 2014Carynd13Am i ever going to ovulate???? *Sigh*...1983
Jan 22, 2014AHanner26780
Jan 21, 2014Babyone1st cycle charting, 4th cycle ttc....1696
Jan 21, 2014Surfete78Cycle #18. Blood Work and HSG test...76044
Jan 21, 2014asma6th Cycle: I'm pregnant....89143
Jan 20, 2014RaffHow do I read my chart??...2263
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