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Wishes That Came True
Its been 3 months sience I lost a baby. I was around 13 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me to wait until january to try and concieve again. Well its january and I would really like to get pregnant. My boyfriend and I have had sex almost every night this month and just recently I have noticed changes in my self.. now it could be pre-period symptoms. but I'm really hoping and praying and wishing that this is my month and I have a healthy baby growing in side of me. Please let my wish come true!!!!!
Wish came true!
Support Wishes:
3-I hope you get a BFP very soon5-I m/c'd also. Very best wishes3-My prayers are with you3-To a very healthy pregnancy
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I hope you get a BFP very soon
I m/c'd also. Very best wishes
My prayers are with you
To a very healthy pregnancy
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