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Advantages of Charting Your Cycles

Your cycles. You live with them daily for almost half your life. Understanding your own unique cycles has so many advantages:

  • Taking care of yourself - Charting is an extremely positive, proactive way to monitor your reproductive health.
  • Know your body - By charting, you can easily see what's normal for you. And, what's not.
  • Cycle Problem Solving - Comparing past cycle charts to current ones is important when you think there's a problem. Is something new is going on, making it time to call your doctor? Or is this just a repeat performance of past cycles or of a known issue?
  • Late Period, or not? - If you start to worry when you think your period is late, maybe it's not late at all. Being able to look back at past cycles can alleviate days of concern when you see that you've had similar cycle lengths.
  • PMS Concerns? - According to ACOG*, as many as 40% of menstruating women suffer from some PMS symptoms; many have the more severe form known as PMDD. The good news is that there are often effective treatments. How is PMS diagnosed? There's no simple test like a blood test to confirm PMS. Instead, your doctor needs to evaluate your symptom chart, which shows when symptoms are occurring during your cycles and how severely.
  • Changing Cycles - Over the years, our bodies and cycles change. Your charts can help your doctor evaluate if your cycle changes are normal, or are due to an underlying medical condition.
  • Perimenopause? - Perimenopause, the years leading up to menopause, can start as early as your late-thirties into your early forties. The initial changes can be alarming: are there problems or is this a normal transition? Charts, again, are key to diagnosis when working with your doctor.
  • Period Weight Control Issues? - Does your period wreck your weight loss efforts? So much so that it's a yo-yoing monthly disaster? Charting your cycle against your weight can clearly show if this is your pattern, so you can be prepared with a carrot stick days before your period starts!
  • Weight Loss Inspiration! - Having a weight chart and detailed analysis report can be mighty motivating when you're trying to lose weight. Watching the line chart fall (down=good; up=bad) is "downright" inspiring!
  • Because a picture really does tell a 1000 words! - Ever feel rushed at the doctor's office trying to remember and explain everything that's been happening? Charts quantify. Summarize. Tell your cycle story. That gives you and your doctor more time to analyze and discuss solutions if there are problems.

Take a look at how easy it is to chart your cycles...

*American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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