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Fertility Charting Enhanced Fertility

Online and Smartphone BBT Charting tool

BBT Chart - View your Basal Body Temp Chart for any tracked fertility cycle. Overlay BBT charts to compare cycles.

Fertility Cycle Phases Report

Fertility Cycle Phases Report - Detailed report shows your follicular and luteal phases correlated to its corresponding menstrual cycle.

Fertility Phase (Luteal and Follicular) Comparison Chart

Fertility Phase Lengths Chart - Easily compare follicular and luteal phase lengths across your ovulation cycles.

Fertility Activity Report

Fertility Activity Report - View your fertility cycle activity, ovulation and pergnancy testing, notes and more, all in relation to where you were in your menstrual cycle.

Night Table Fertility Notepad

Night Table Fertility Notepad - Keep a fertility notepad bedside to fill in your BBT and other ovulation signs. Then transfer to fertility tracker when it's more convenient.

Menstrual Cycle Notepads

Cycle History - Many more fertility charts and reports!