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Cycle Symptom Forecast

See your free symptom forecast for today - or tomorrow - based on what happened on this cycle day in past cycles you've tracked. Also see a summary of where you are in your current cycle, how long until your next period or if you're late, and if it's a fertile day.

Sample Symptom Forecast

In the top part of the forecast, current cycle day (CD) is displayed, along with forecasted next period and ovulation dates.

The fertile day status for the cycle day you are reviewing is calculated like on our Ovulation Calculator, except it automatically uses your cycle history: Last Menstrual Period (LMP) start date, Average Cycle Length (ACL), and luteal phase length which is configured on your Preferences page (defaults to 14 days).

Cycle ForeCast for Today, including cycle day, forecast Next Period and Ovulation

How do I change my Luteal Length setting? After login, click or tap Me at the top of any MyMonthlyCycles page, and then use the Preferences page to adjust. Not sure what your luteal phase length is? Use MyMonthlyCycles Luteal Phase Length Calculators

Next, a summary of your cycle symptoms for the Cycle Day (CD) you are reviewing displayed, with a forecast of how each symptom might impact your day, calculated based on your past symptom tracking for this CD (middle column).

Once you track this cycle day's symptoms (right column), you can easily determine if your cycle day symptoms follow past patterns.

Cycle Symptom Forecast for Today - based on past symptoms on this cycle day.

Easily view your past symptom tracks for this cycle day, by clicking or tapping on a symptom. Or, click Open All Symptoms.