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Your Menstrual Chart

Menstrual Cycle History Report
Menstrual Cycle Statistics
This menstrual cycle report provides complete details about your cycles: cycle length, period duration, plus average, shortest and longest cycles. Definitely the report to take on your Gyn visits!
Menstrual Cycle Chart and Period Length Chart
Menstrual chart facilitates cycle review: displays your menstrual cycle and period trends, any irregularity (based on your cycle rules), and flow changes.

You'll also adore this report if you've ever had late period jitters! Have I ever been this late??! At-a-glance relief and no finger counting!

Your Menstrual Cycle Symptom Charts

Menstrual Symptom Comparison Chart
Compares any group of your menstrual cycle, PMS, or perimenopausal symptoms over any time period. You'll easily see which symptoms bother you most and to what degree.
Menstrual Period and Premenstrual Syndrome Chart
Charts your symptom activity in relation to your period, clearly showing your cycle patterns. It's the chart to take to your Gyn for evaluating PMS and other cycle issues.
If you're working with your doctor on cycle issues, these charts are an excellent way to monitor treatment, since you can generate for any date range - before treatment, during, and after.

Your Menstrual Cycle Pattern Chart & More!

Menstrual Cycle Chart, Menstrual Symptom and PMS Symptom Chart
Concise summary of your cycle trends: flow details, non-menstrual spotting, and symptom trends. Generate for multiple cycles to compare if your patterns are changing.
Menstrual note pad for tracking on the go!
For tracking your monthly cycles on the go! Just print, pack, and track. Then update MyMonthlyCycles when you're re-united with your PC!

Your Weight Charts

Weight Chart
The perfect diet companion, no matter what diet you're on! The chart shows your weight status - up, down, staying the same. By also charting your periods, you'll know for sure if your periods are causing dieting havoc!
Detailed weight gain and loss report, plus weight summary statistics report
Your weight report provides a full analysis of what's happening daily, weekly, monthly.
Members are Saying...
"MyMonthlyCharts is a great tool! My OB/GYN was impressed when I submitted two years of historical data in charted form. This information changed my treatment care plan."
- Sandra, South Carolina

"MyMonthlyCharts makes it possible for all women to chart their cycles regardless of what they're trying to do with their reproductive anatomy. It's that versatile! Every woman should know her own cycles and MyMonthlyCharts supports that."
- Kelly, Virginia

"I always thought I had very irregular periods... After charting for 3 months now I can really see my pattern. No more being frantic thinking "Am I pregnant?" every month. I know within two days just by watching my symptom levels when I'm going to start. How awesome is that!"
- Lani, California

"I subscribed to MyMonthlyCharts because my husband tells me that I have PMS but I don't feel that I do. Now I can actually run charts and find out for myself!"
- Christa, Texas

"Out of all the sites I've used, MyMonthlyCycles has been the best resource. I tracked my details and then ran reports and charts that I used when consulting my doctor. This helped my doctor give the necessary advise to become pregnant! I'm 11 weeks pregnant and have MyMonthlyCycles to thank!"
- Lori, Rhode Island

"I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, so keeping up with my cycles is important. I highly recommend every woman use MyMontlyCharts, and enjoy the knowledge you can discover about your body."
- Georgana, Tennessee

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