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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Views Posts
Jul 9, 2013ttcmyownFirst time charting bbt...3887
Jul 9, 2013Surfete78God will bless me :)...84839
Jul 7, 2013cmbohne1AF 3 days late, more than 24 dpo of temps staying up.Have no...56119
Jul 7, 2013TikiB-Complex with folic acid, Magnesium, calcium and Vitamin E....5531
Jul 4, 2013ILHopeStarting the TTC journey for what will probably be my last t...4470
Jul 3, 2013celcelNot sure when I ovulated.......HELP...3811
Jul 2, 2013eehshorty4574
Jul 1, 2013Karisma853Diagnosed Hashimoto's on 31-May-13, currently on L-Thyroxine...5211
Jun 28, 2013JersseyConfused when ovulation occurred...4452
Jun 28, 2013rj711new to charting. Was O cd11 or cd20? Confused about temps on...4633
Jun 26, 2013Jeny13#2 cycle ttc - no BBT...2610
Jun 26, 2013Candicegaud4850
Jun 21, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 9 - Still looking for my BFP... FF says I o-ed on d...95624
Jun 13, 2013Jen17022160
Jun 12, 2013lovelikethis7213672
Jun 12, 2013arlene5807
Jun 9, 2013mommiesomedayNot charting...2820
Jun 8, 2013Surfete78Trying for our first kid :)...93547
Jun 7, 2013letsmakeababy1st IVF Cancelled DX: Poor Responder, Will begin new Micro F...54313
Jun 6, 2013MizzBrooklyn8740
Jun 5, 2013TikiGuess I am out again this month. AF like twinges in lower ab...89013
Jun 3, 2013Karisma853Hypothyroidism diagnosed on 31-May-2013, started T4 medicati...4356
May 31, 2013Jeny13#1 cycle ttc - no BBT...2710
May 25, 2013letsmakeababyIVF Cycle Continued......57215
May 25, 2013Candicegaud2nd month of clomid 1st round at 100mg....5683
May 24, 2013simmiAny one Please tell me when did i ovulate...4714
May 23, 2013PrayingHopingBFN - Onto cycle 9....66720
May 22, 2013Nazo3rd cycle on metformin, ttc#2, got pregnant but m/c....2641
May 11, 2013Surfete78Time to get pregnant :)...88033
May 6, 2013mommiesomedayStarting to miscarry again...HCG was 479 on Sunday when I st...117648
May 4, 2013letsmakeababyMonth 42 (3 1/2 yrs) TTC! Today marks CD 1 for our first IVF...71217
Apr 30, 2013Jen1702chemical pregnancy this cycle...4390
Apr 28, 2013TikiTemperature has been dropping which is a sure sign that AF i...69813
Apr 25, birthday present either...AF came early......7098
Apr 22, 2013Candicegaud2950
Apr 19, 2013arleneDH had zero sperm count and is now on clomid. I am hopeful!...57913
Apr 17, 2013vergoWasn't really planning on TTC, just kind of not trying/not p...4780
Apr 17, 2013puttertatFirst full cycle on Metformin at max does! Bring on the BABY...214771
Apr 14, 2013Surfete78Another cycle...76427
Apr 12, 2013mommiesomedayHave to sit out this cycle to before the clinic will resume...5788
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