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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Views Posts
Jul 23, 2012AnneMarieMonth #8 of TTC. Can't believe summer's almost over already!...7045
Jul 16, 2012ImagineNicely settled into my new home now really hope my friends a...97920
Jul 16, 2012Jeannie3780
Jul 15, 2012puttertatI am ready for another baby, let's make that happen!...75810
Jul 14, 2012UrbanBeautyTemp never dropped!!!...4920
Jul 14, 2012BABYMACBaby making business...6630
Jul 14, 2012dnrbabyTTC...our birthdays July 29 & 30 our predicted ovulation dat...73111
Jul 13, 2012MollyBellDid I ovulate way early? Compared to last 3 cycles this one...7301
Jul 13, 2012ReadyforaSecondWell, after 1 year of trying, we finally got our BFP !!!!...18917
Jul 9, 2012MnemesCatClomid (Serophene) cycle #4: days 5-9 @ 100 mg/day. Also tak...4090
Jul 9, 2012ssbd4me14889
Jul 9, 2012GailwynstarrContinuing to chart BBT for next month when we start TTC....1860
Jul 6, 2012wanttobemummyGot a BFP, can't believe it!!! Feeling really rough today th...223825
Jul 4, 2012JanetPlanet6342
Jun 28, 2012DeeDeeXxX3630
Jun 27, 2012PennyBananaTTC month #21 & #2 of injectables. Trying very hard to stay...105923
Jun 25, 2012letsmakeababyCycle 32 TTC-Sadly our baby dreams will be placed on hold du...86611
Jun 25, 2012AnneMarieMonth #7 of TTC. Now that it's summer and I can really relax...7627
Jun 20, 2012mommiesomedayHELP!! I went to visit my DH a couple times here while he wa...6491
Jun 16, 2012puttertatWe still want another baby so we are trying again.. hoping f...105015
Jun 16, 2012Imagine4000
Jun 14, 2012ReadyforaSecondAgain...I dont understand......98411
Jun 13, 2012UrbanBeautyTrue biphasic chart!...3530
Jun 13, 2012GailwynstarrJust getting used to charting for when we start TTC in Augus...1560
Jun 12, 2012MollyBellAvoiding pregnancy for now. Getting married on the
Jun 9, 2012ssbd4meStarting to loose hope......98816
Jun 3, 2012letsmakeababyIUI on Weds 6/13 is a go! Yay!...121442
May 31, 2012DeeDeeXxX2670
May 29, 2012PennyBananaTTC month #20. Starting injectables this month....134534
May 29, 2012stajamesIt's heartbeat......282275
May 25, 2012Hopeful10Another Round of Clomid......183741
May 23, 2012AnneMarieHere goes cycle #6 of TTC. Hoping now that it's summer break...99118
May 20, 2012mommiesomedayJust charting the next couple of months while the DH is at t...100111
May 17, 2012puttertatI now have three little angles in heaven....124118
May 17, 2012MrsCompassIUI #2 (Letrozole 2.5mg x 10 days)...12288
May 16, 2012ImagineLuckily fertile period was well timed for our week in the su...9254
May 14, 2012letsmakeababyIUI #2 on hold for now-Dr found 4 left over cysts from last...104919
May 10, 2012MollyBell2nd month charting, will be initially avoiding pregnancy onc...8848
May 8, 2012ReadyforaSecondNew to this !...6079
May 5, 2012DeeDeeXxX2780
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