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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Views Posts
Mar 21, 2012puttertat4th cycle trying since 2nd M/C hoping for a Christmas baby!...161777
Mar 21, 2012ringthembellsGIVEAWAY! not charting at all just wondering if anyone wants...8006
Mar 19, 2012ImagineGot our fingers crossed for this month...I'm so impatient!!...6755
Mar 19, 2012mamabear042nd cycle TTC...7575
Mar 18, 2012NaumoFalse positive on an OPK...5403
Mar 18, 2012ssbd4me6383
Mar 18, 2012Ready2BMomOf course I have a normal lp when I'm wishing af would come....98520
Mar 13, 2012R4chelOvulation Hiccups?...100118
Mar 13, 2012stajamesAll done, but it's all good!...95413
Mar 11, 2012AnglhayThis is my second month charting my fertility and i am not s...7900
Mar 7, 2012mommiesomedayHELP!!! I need some advice on this cycle....7917
Mar 4, 2012cborn78Hubby and I started infertility testing this month. Hopefull...8877
Mar 4, 2012KristynKMonth 2! Hoping to start seeing a pattern :)...7714
Feb 29, 2012PennyBananaWell that BFP didn't last long........167847
Feb 27, 2012jennyleeI'm very new to this chart sharing, so plz bare with me ladi...93034
Feb 27, 2012WantBabiesI'm sooo confused, why is my temp not rising like it should...99615
Feb 23, 2012puttertat3rd cycle TTC after 2nd M/C, but can't tell when I "Oed"?? h...84110
Feb 21, 2012reevestx2My A1C was high last year, it was 6.4 which is just one poin...85721
Feb 20, 2012ImagineThought I'd relax a bit and didn't take temps this month but...5100
Feb 18, 2012mamabear04Stopped taking prog only bc pill Nov 2011. Currently breastf...6776
Feb 18, 2012letsmakeababyDr appt today (3/12) went well! 1st IUI is set for next mont...167690
Feb 18, 2012AnneMarieMy first time charting.... not sure I estimated the ovulatio...7332
Feb 17, 2012Ready2BMomBFN...have to take the next cycle off too :( Meet with RE in...94911
Feb 17, 2012ssbd4me68311
Feb 15, 2012stajames106125
Feb 13, 2012ThiaTested Saturday 9DPO ......213624
Feb 13, 2012sassy30hi can anyone tell me if i have ovulated going by my chart?...11520
Feb 8, 2012AnxiouslyTTC6231
Feb 7, 2012JoshsangelJust a over view after having a micarriage....7762
Feb 5, 2012KristynKFirst month of charting after some odd cycles....4490
Feb 4, 2012cborn7879810
Feb 4, 2012TorcorDid I O on CD18 or CD19?...13934
Feb 3, 2012jennylee6260
Feb 1, 2012mou9850
Jan 29, 2012ksteinmetzmonth 2 of being diagnosed with PCOS and taking Metformin an...13342
Jan 26, 2012PennyBananaClomid cycle #5 - going to take it easy this month. Doc kept...208080
Jan 25, 2012reevestx2Here we go again....... Never ending roll coaster :(...10334
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