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My Pregnancy Wishing Well Well:
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Baby number 5 hopingmorePlease pray for memoreI pray I have a girlmoreWishing for a boy. Mmore
After 4 miscarriagesmoreHealthy and fully lomoreI wish become a mom.more
I wish to get pregnamoreThis is my first premoreI hope and I pray thmoreI wish to have a gimore
I do wish to get premoreThis is our 2nd pregmoreI'm 42 & pregnant afmore
I have a year-and-a-moreI wish I could concemoreJust discovered thatmoreI'm wish that this pmore
A healthy mom to be,moreI wish to conceive tmoreThink Pinkmore
i want to conceive amorepregnant again fingemoreOmg just took my anomoreI pray and hope a hamore
Please please, I hopmoreI pray that this premore✳ Doctors Appmore
I pray I go into labmoreI pray that this premoreafter 2 long years omoreTrying tomorrow mornmore
I wish I wish and Imorei praywith all my hemoreI am so, so, so gratmore
I am not going to wmoreIn the name of AllahmoreThese verses are samoreLate for my period,more
After 5 miscarriagesmoreI wished to get pregmoreDear God, Pls blessmore
I'm pregnant for themorePlease God, don't lemorePregnant at 42. PraymoreWishing for a stickymore
Praying that the medmoreI Pray that I will gmoreAfter 4yrs of TTC Imore
I pray God bless usmoreI just found out I'mmoreI pray that I don'tmoreI wish to get pregnamore
I pray God bless usmoreNot trying, but notmoreBFP, now 4 weeks andmore
Please don't let memorePlease bless me andmorePraying for a healthmorewishing for a beautimore
I wish I am pregnantmoreI am dreaming of themoreDear God, Please gimore
Wishing for a healthmoreWishing 4 aunt flo tmoreI hope I get pregnanmoreWISHING FOR GOOD HEAmore
I wish for a beautifmoreI wish that I am prgmoreWISHING TO BE SAFE Amore
Please God let me camoreI'm 9 weeks pregnantmoreGot my prayer answermoreJust got my BFP FINAmore
healthy happy BOY!!!moreI am so excited. WemoreFound out today, onmore
I'm 32 and have 3 kimoreDear lord im comingmoreI hope my gut feelinmore
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