About Us

MyMonthlyCycles.com was designed and developed by and for women in 2003 when interactive web applications were very few and extremely far between. The women involved in developing MyMonthlyCycles had all tracked their monthly cycles in a variety of ways: wall calendars, spreadsheets, sticky notes, a jot down here, a scribble there -- none very efficient, nor very consistent! All very busy with work , and the work that inevitably follows work, it was clear that the web was the way to go for women constantly on the go!

The goal of MyMonthlyCycles is to provide an easy, convenient, comprehensive, and private way for women to track their monthly cycles -- from home, college dorm, the office, out-of-town business trips -- from wherever one has web access.

Over the years, we've continued to enhance our trackers, calculators, and charting tools, and innovate an extensive collection of new cycle tools. We now have dozens of cycle, pregnancy, and fertility related calculators, cycle charts, trackers, and alerts.

MyMonthlyCycles web apps work across a full range of devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets, and smartphones, making it even more convenient: use from any of your web-enabled devices!

Thank you for visiting and using MyMonthlyCycles.

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