Brain to Ovary - It's That Time Again...

Although you may not "think" it, our brain is at the center of our reproductive systems! Up there is a veritable control center sending hormonal signals to other parts of our body to do their jobs. It goes something like this:

Brain to Uterus: U-hoo, do you read me?

Uterus: I'm listening Ms. Brain.

Brain: Did you get pregnant this month?

Uterus: That's a Negatory.

Brain: Then it's time to menstruate. Expect dearest AF.

Body: Menstruation commences. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3...

Brain Center to Ovaries: Ovy, Got a job for you.

Ovary 1: Who me?

Ovary 2: No, not you O1, Brain means me, right?

Brain Center to Ovaries: I'm not fussy - let's make this a competition: let the best ovary win. What I need is ovulation to occur this month. So I'm sending some FSH your way -- the Hormone to Stimulate your Follicles so one will grow and ovulate.

Transmission: FSH, FSH ...

Ovary 1: Received and growing
Ovary 2: Received and growing

Ovary 1: I'm tired. I ovulated last month. AND the month before. I have no plans to ovulate this month.

Text From Ovary 1 to Ovary 2: You go girl, the job's yours.

(Several Days Later...)
Brain to Ovaries: Greetings ovaries. It's time to ovulate. I'm brewing up some LH (luteinizing hormone) to trigger release of the egg. Expect delivery any moment.

Ovary 2: OMG! You think you have all the time in the world, and now it's time to hatch this egg. LH received. Over and out...

IM to My Body: Hey Lady, I hope you've started using an Ovulation Predictor Kit, or you're tracking and charting your Cervical Fluid. Because changes are coming down the pike (or tube -- hehehe)...

(To be continued...)

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