Protecting Your Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests

If you're having (or about to have) a heat wave - just a reminder to protect your pregnancy tests and ovulation predictor tests from over-heating!

The box or insert should indicate what the test's minimum and maximum storage temperature ranges are. For example, our local dollar store pregnancy tests and ovulation tests both indicate to store between 36°F-86°F (2°C-30°C).

When pregnancy/ovulation tests are subjected to higher temps, they will likely be rendered useless, even after the heat exposure abates.

If you're storing your home pregnancy tests or ovulation tests, or, for that matter, any over-the-counter products, where they can exceed the max recommended temperature, make sure to move them to cooler ground! We do this, moving everything, including cosmetics and creams.

If you've just picked up a new home pregnancy test or ovulation test kit at the drugstore/market, leaving it in the car while you run in for a quick errand can spell the end for your test, since a car's interior temperature can increase by 30 to 40 degrees (or more) within a half hour of being parked in the sun.

Not only have you spent your hard earned money on OPKs and HPTs, you want them to work when it's time to check when you'll be ovulating, or if you are pregnant. Storing your tests within the manufacturer's temp range will help ensure that your tests function properly.