Tampon Shortage in the US, and Price Increases

For many of us whose go to fem protection are tampons, our periods just got more inconvenient! In parts of the country, there's a tampon shortage.

According to CVS and Walgreens, as reported by NPR, it's brand specific, and limited to parts of the country.

Why is there a Tampon Shortage?

Blame it on the supply chain - everything from sourcing some of the raw materials to transportation issues and reduced staffing. Proctor and Gamble, makers of Tampax, inidicates it is working around-the-clock to reesolve these issues.

Despite some stores having low to no supply, you still may be able to find your preferred tampons online.

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Tampon Alternatives - Menstrual Cups

A great alternative to tampons, especially in the Summer, are menstrual cups and period discs. Worn internally like tampons, cups and discs collect menstrual blood rather than absorb it. They're convenient for pool and beach days, especially since many can be worn up to 12 hours (always read the product's instructions).

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Tampon and Pad Price Increases

Inflation is at its highest point in 4 decades in the US, with 8.6% inflation reported in May 2022. Both tampon and pad prices have increased: tampons up almost 10%, pads up about 8.5%.

Menstrual cups, and some menstrual discs, are re-usable, so you can use them month after month. With the current price of disposable tampons and pads, a high quality brand menstrual cup, like the DivaCup®, pays for iteself in several cycles!