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Cervical Fluid Fertility Cycle Chart

This fertility chart shows your cervical fluid pattern for any tracked fertility cycle, and can be helpful to review/determine your fertile days, particularly if you are using the (Billings) Ovulation Method for natural fertility awareness.

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Cervical Fluid Chart

Sample Cervical Fluid Chart

The Billings Method

Nonitoring your cervical fluid is a way to identify the fertile and infertile days of your cycle. Also known as the Ovulation Method, the Billings Method has been used by women world-wide for natural fertility control.

Basal Body Temperature versus Cervical Fluid

Taking and recording your basal body temperature is helpful to confirm that you have ovulated, but it does not give you advance notice of ovulation. Cervical Fluid, on the other hand, is your body's natural fertility monitor of what's happening daily in your fertility cycle.