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Feminine Protection Chart

Chart shows your feminine protection usage, a view of your flow patterns during your periods and cycles. Based on your feminine protection tracker data, chart quantifies by absorbency or type.

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Sample Feminine Protection Chart - By Absorbency

Sample Chart - By Absorbency and Feminine Protection Type

Feminine Protection Charts

These charts enable you to review feminine protection usage for the selected menstrual cycle, based on your tracking of feminine protection using MyMonthlyCycles Menstrual Calendar.

Chart Compare by - Absorbency Usage (throughout cycle)

For the selected cycle, this bar chart quantifies feminine protection usage by absorbency type (e.g. regular, maxi, etc.) for each day during your cycle that you tracked feminine protection.

What the bars show - Each full bar represents feminine protection usage by absorbency type on the date listed below it. The bar is stacked. Each segment of the stack represents the quantity - by absorbency - of feminine protection you used on that day (e.g. 5 maxi, 3 regular). At the top of the bar, the total feminine protection used on that day is listed.

Note: When you track feminine protection, absorbency is not a required entry field. Therefore, your report may show sections of a bar listed as NotAvl (not available). Nonetheless, the quantity of NotAvl will still be shown, and is likely useful. For example, if you are using a menstrual cup, you may not enter an absorbency type since it fills, rather than absorbs. In this case, menstrual cup would be quantified under NotAvl, and would likely indicate the number of times you changed the cup in a given day.

Chart Compare by - Protection Type and Absorbency (Period Days Only)

This circular chart summarizes feminine protection usage for each day of your period in the selected cycle. Non-period days are not included on this chart. This chart shows usage by feminine protection type and absorbency. So, if you use different types of feminine protection (e.g. Tampons and pads) in the same absorbency (e.g. Maxi) in a given menstrual period, you'll see the breakdown on the chart.

Also available: Cycle History Report, (Display Type) Journal View - This report itemizes all feminine protection by date, including related notes.