Frequency Calculator

Calculate your activity frequency, like how often you've washed or cut your hair, or how frequently you shop, TTC, date, work, text, more!


Ever wonder how much time you put into activities, whether it's a leisure hobby, part of your health fitness or beauty regime, going to work or school, or a daily task (taking a shower, brushing your pearly whites...). You may be suprised at the time allocated to the ho-humest of tasks!

Use MyMonthlyCycles frequency calculator to get a handle on how you're spending your time. Plus what-if any activity and find out how much more time you'd gain (or lose) if you decreased (or increased) the time spent on it.

Entry Fields FYIs...

  • Your Activity - Select from the drop-down list. Or, if not in the list, select Other, and then fill in your activity in the field below.
  • I do (or did) this - Indicate how frequently you do the activity, using this field in combination with the Every or Every Other field, and time interval field. For example, if you wash your hair once a day, enter 1 Time, Every, and Day; Or, if you go clothes shopping six times a year, enter 6 Times, Every, Year.
  • Activity Duration - Enter how many years you've been doing (or did) the activity. Either enter both I started at age (0 signifies from birth) and did until age, or enter the total years with the entry field I did this for years.
  • Activity Time - Specify how long it takes to do the activity each time you do it.