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Leap Year Information

February 29 is the most unique birth date! The next possible is on February 29, 2024.

Want to calculate approximate conception date for a February 29, 2024 due date? Use the reverse pregnancy calculator! Just make sure to re-calculate when 2023 rolls in!

Leap Year Tidbits...

Why Leap Year? Most years have 365 days. Leap years have 366 days - the extra day is February 29th. It takes 365.25 days for Earth to circle the Sun (365.256363, a sidereal year, to be more precise!), so the leap year every 4 years is the catch-up day to synchronize the calendar.

Leaping Lizards! Why we like leap years is that you get 1 more day: to take a vacay day, spend time with family and friends, read, anything...

A leap year baby is (of course!) born during a leap year, and a leapling is someone born on February 29.

Tradition: In Ireland, women were given the green light to propose marriage on February 29th. If he refused, she'd be compensated!

Leap Year Birthdays! - If Leap Year only comes around every 4 years, what does a person born on Feb 29th do about birthdays the other 3 years? Generally, the person picks either Feb 28 or March 1 to celebrate. But what about turning 18, and being able to vote...? In many countries, including the USA, a person born Feb 29 is considered to be 18 on March 1!

TTC in 2023 and prefer your baby not be a leapling? Calculate avoiding a February 29, 2024 due date! Make sure to re-calculate in 2023!