Login Issues

If you are having problems logging into MyMonthlyCycles, please review the list below to determine possible reasons and solutions.

If you have received the confirmation email and activated your account, but you are continually prompted to login, please read the section at the end of this document: Why does it keep asking me to login again?

Did you register?

In order to log into MyMonthlyCycles, you need to register. If you did not register yet, you can not log onto MyMonthlyCycles. To register, click here.

Did you forget your password?

If you forgot your password, we can supply you with a new password, which we then suggest you change immediately (after you successfully login). Click here if you forgot your password.

Note: The password you entered during registration is case-sensitive. This means, for example, that mypwd (all lowercase) is different from MyPwD (mixed case) or MYPWD (all uppercase). If you do not remember the exact way in which you specified your password, you can use the Forgot your password screen to have a new password generated.

Did you forget your member id?

If you forgot your member id, use the Forgot Password function, which will email you both your member id and a new password. Click here if you forgot your member id.

Did you confirm your MyMonthlyCycles Account?

After you submit your registration form, an email confirmation is sent to the email address you specified during registration.

If you see the following message when you try to login -- Your account is inactive -- it likely means that you did not activate your account.

To activate your account, you need to complete the registration process. To do so, retrieve the email that we sent to the email address you specified during registration. That email will have the subject heading MyMonthlyCycles Account Activation Confirmation.

After you click on the specified link in the email, your account will be active, and you will be automatically returned to MyMonthlyCycles where you can login.

Did you receive our confirmation email after you registered?

This email was sent to the email address you specified on the registration form. It has the subject heading MyMonthlyCycles Account Activation Confirmation.

Generally, you should receive the email within a few minutes of registration, although occasionally it could take longer, due to network traffic, etc.

If you have not received the email confirmation from MyMonthlyCycles, then you will not be able to complete registration to activate your account. The email we send you has a link that needs to be clicked on to activate your account.

The most likely reason you did not receive the email is that you accidentally mis-typed your email address on the registration form. As a result, the confirmation email could not be successfully sent to you.

If this is the case, we recommend that you register again for MyMonthlyCycles, providing a valid email address. Note that when you re-register you will need to supply a different member id, since member ids are unique.

Is your email box over its quota? If you are using a web-based email program, your email box may have exceeded its limit. After you resolve the problem, contact us to re-send the confirmation. If this is the case, please realize you will likewise not receive any support email responses from MyMonthlyCycles until you clear up space in your mailbox.

Check Restrictions on your Mailbox: Some email systems enable you to put restrictions on your account, so that you can block certain types of email from your Inbox. You should check if you've setup restrictions that are preventing our email from being received. Also, our email may have been received in a "Bulk" inbox, so you may want to check there for our email.

Why does MyMonthlyCycles keep asking me to login again?

Many of the functions in MyMonthlyCycles require member login. If you have logged in successfully, but are continually re-routed to the Login screen when you access tools such as the Period Tracker, Period Calculator, Fertility Reminders, etc., please check the following.

Cookies and Javascript Enabled - To use MyMonthlyCycles, your browser must support cookies and javascript, and both must be enabled. Please check your browser settings, and, if necessary, enable cookies and/or javascript support. After making any changes, close the browser, and return to MyMonthlyCycles. Login again and see if the problem is resolved.

After confirmation, re-start your browser - When you confirm your account, you are automatically brought back to MyMonthlyCycles (a new or existing browser window is used). If you are confirming from a web-based email account, you may need to close the browser and start a new one before logging in.

If the above do not work - First, try the following: completely close your browser and re-open it. Then try login again. If that does not resolve, please try MyMonthlyCycles from another computer. This problem occurs very rarely, and there may be something in the current computer's browser settings causing the problems.

Still having a problem logging onto MyMonthlyCycles?

Please contact us with a description of the problem. Please include your member id and the email address you used when registering.