How do I add additional email addresses to my account, and why?

You can add additional, secondary email addresses to your account using the Add New Email Address link on the My Account screen.

When you add a secondary email account, it is marked as pending, and is not yet available for use. To make the email account active, you will need to verify the account by clicking on a link in the confirmation email that will be automatically sent to the email address you specify.

Why use secondary email addresses?

If you want to cc your email reminders to another of your email accounts, or to someone else, such as your significant other, you need to setup a secondary email so that you can add the cc to your email reminder(s). You can add a cc to any of your email reminders at any time, and likewise remove. However, to do so, you need to first setup the secondary email address, and it must then be confirmed.

Another reason to add a secondary email is as a backup in the event that you foget your password and/or id, and no longer have access to your primary email address. You can use forgot password (from login screen) by supplying either your primary email or your secondary email address, so having a secondary email address can come in handy.

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