I'm not receiving some (or all) of the menstrual/fertility/other reminders I setup. Why not?

If you have setup menstrual, fertility, or other email reminders but are not receiving some (or all) of them, the list below provides possible reasons:

  • If you are using a reminder type that triggers off your last period, but you have not updated your tracking history recently, the reminder will likely no longer be triggered. To resolve this, simply keep your tracking history up-to-date, and make sure to track the first day of each of your periods.

  • In addition to the preceding note, if you are using the reminder types that forecast future events such as "Period is Coming", "Ovulation Date", or "Fertile Days", the following discusses issues as to why these reminders may not be sent.

    1. To send these reminder types, MyMonthlyCycles must be able to calculate your average cycle length so that the start date of your next period can be predicted.

      In order to calculate your average menstrual cycle length, you must store at least one complete menstrual cycle. This means you should store at least the first day of two adjacent menstrual periods. Until you enter two periods into MyMonthlyCycles, these reminder types can not be sent.

    2. If you have setup exclusion rules to use when your average menstrual cycle length is calculated, you should make sure that the rules are correct with respect to your cycles: if the rules were to exclude all of your cycles, MyMonthlyCycles can not calculate your average menstrual cycle length; as a result, these reminders would not be sent. Exclusion rules for average cycle length calculation are set on the My Preferences screen. If you think this may be the problem, use the My History screen (Quick History). It will tell you if your average cycle length can not be calculated; if this is the case, use My Preferences to adjust your exclusion rules.

    3. You may not receive some of these reminders types in a given cycle depending on the trigger condition you've setup on the reminder and if your period starts earlier than usual (i.e. shorter than your average cycle length) such that the reminder's cycle day trigger is never reached. For example, suppose your average cycle is 29 days and you setup the "Period is Coming" reminder to alert you 2 days before the forecasted start of your period (that is, on cycle day 27). However, let's suppose in the next cycle, your period starts earlier than usual, on cycle day 26. You login and track your period start date, which becomes Cycle Day 1. For this cycle, cycle day 27 never occurs and therefore the reminder is not triggered/sent. To help avoid this issue, select a trigger day prior to your shortest, non-excluded cycle. In this example, had the reminder been setup to trigger 4 days prior to the predicted date of your period (average 29 days - 4 = on Cycle Day 25), the reminder would have triggered.

      You can review your cycles using My History Reports (Quick History) to see your average, shortest, and longest cycles, including exclusion rules if setup.

  • Your primary email is not confirmed. If you changed your primary email using My Account, but have not confirmed the new email address, email reminders will not be sent. MyMonthlyCycles Reminders are only be sent to confirmed email addresses.

    Similarly, if you've added a secondary email address which is used as a cc: on a reminder, an reminder email is only cc'd if the email address is confirmed.

  • Your email account is blocking our emails. To receive our reminders, make sure you do not have restrictions on your email account that are blocking email from MyMonthlyCycles.

    Further, some email servers do not route mail you have requested to your INBOX. If you have alternate email folders (such as JUNK or BULK), check there for our emails.

  • Your email account is over quota. This will, of course, prevent our email from getting through to you.

  • Your email reminder is Inactive. Only active reminders are sent. To check the status of your reminders, click on the Remind Me link, and review the Status column to the right of each reminder.

    If a reminder is Inactive, you can re-activate it by clicking on the set on link for the reminder.

    Note: Daily reminders, such as the Daily Symptom Reminder and Daily Fertility Tracking Reminder, are automatically inactivated if you do not login for 10 days.

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