How do I track my symptoms, like menstrual cramps and mood changes?

At MyMonthlyCycles, you can track dozens of menstrual and PMS symptoms on any day of your menstrual cycle, including cramps, headaches, water retention, moods, stress, sleep changes, and food cravings.

To track your symptoms on any cycle day, use MyMonthlyCycles Menstrual Calendar.

How To: Locate the date in the calendar on which you want to track symptoms, and click Edit. In the lower portion of the next screen (My Events), symptoms appear in the section My Cycle Today. Click the edit link to access the symptom edit screen.

Also Available: MyMonthlyCharts - free charts to instantly see your monthly cycle patterns and trends:

Free Menstrual Chart, PMS Chart, PMS Symptom Diary, Feminine Protection Chart, Weight Chart - MyMonthlyCharts at
  • Menstrual Cycle and Period Length Chart & Report
  • Menstrual Period Flow and Symptom Trend Chart
  • PMS Symptom Trend Chart
  • Perimenopause Symptom Chart
  • Feminine Protection Chart
  • Menstrual Cycle Symptoms Comparison Chart
  • Weight Chart & Analysis Report
  • Travelling Cycle and Period Note-pads

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