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We offer an extensive collection of interactive tools to track, calculate, chart and be reminded about your monthly menstrual and fertility cycles! Online since 2003, most of our tools are and have been completely free.

We also offer Premium Services for when it's time to do more - more tracking and charts that clearly show your cycle patterns. The table below outlines MyMonthlyCycles tools, comparing our free membership to Premium Services.

NOTE! The following premium services are now free: MyMonthlyCharts, Premium Fertility, and Perimenopause Journaling - , under Free Membership, indicates feature is now free!.


MyMonthlyCycles Cycle Trackers

Menstrual Calendar

Track your periods, daily menstrual flow
Track non-menstrual and mid-cycle spotting
Track Feminine Protection
Track Menstrual Period Symptoms
Track PMS and PMDD Symptoms
Track Perimenopause Symptoms
Perimenopause Journaling
Track Breast Exams
Keep a daily journal of your monthly cycles
Track Basal Body Temperature and Cervical Fluid
Track additional FAM/NFP fertility signs
Track ovulation and pregnancy tests
Track fertility activity, birth control, daily notes
Add OB/Gyn and MD appointments, special dates to calendar

Period Calendar

- Simple way to track everyday of your period

Mobile Smartphone Period Tracker Calendar

Pregnancy Tracking Calendar

Track Your Pregnancy Symptoms
Track Your Pregnancy Weight Changes
Keep a daily journal of your pregnancy
Pregnancy dashboard with automatic baby due date countdown
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MyMonthlyCycles Cycle Calculators

Menstrual Calculator

- Forecast next periods, shows if you're late

Menstrual Period Planning Calculator

- Check if you'll likely get your period on a date your planning

Ovulation Calculator

- generates ovulation calendar with forecast ovulation date and fertile days for your current cycle and future cycles.

Menstrual Period PMS Calculator

- uses varying cycle lengths and start dates, with option to include PMS days.

Mobile Ovulation Calendar

- fertile days forecast on your smartphone.

Luteal Phase Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

(based on either Last Menstrual Period or Conception Date)

Pregnancy Planning Calculator

Reverse Pregnancy Calculator

Retro Conception Calculator

Trying to Conceive Time Calculator

Daily Cycle Symptom Forecast

Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator Calendar

Body Mass Index (BMI/Weight) Calculator

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Automatically use your cycle history in calculations; Ability to override to what-if calculate
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MyMonthlyCycles Cycle Reminders

Your period's about to start on...

Your period is late

Forgot to track your period

Track each day of your period

Time to shop for menstrual supplies

Your fertile days are about to start

Ovulation date forecast reminder

Reminder to update your fertility tracking history (daily BBT, etc.)

Reminder to do your monthly breast self exam

Reminder to schedule your mammogram or clinical breast exam

Reminder to schedule your OB/Gyn annual appointment

Reminder to track your weight

Reminder to track your cycle and PMS symptoms

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MyMonthlyCycles Cycle Charts Reports

All charts and reports based on your tracking data

Menstrual Cycle History Reports

(listings of your monthly cycle events: periods, symptoms, fem protection...)

Menstrual Cycle Journal

Automatic average cycle length calculation

; Used by many calculators and reminders.

Mobile Menstrual Cycle Dashboard/History

(Monthly Cycle Statistics)

Fertility History Summary Report

Cervical Fluid Chart, with Overlay option

Cycle rules to exclude irregular cycles or special (e.g. pregnancy) cycles from calculations

Menstrual Cycle Chart, Detailed Cycle Statistics Report

Menstrual Period Length Chart

Menstrual Cycle Chart Traditional (Gyn format)

Menstrual Cycle Trends Chart

- Charts your menstrual flow, non-menstrual spotting, and (optionally) symptoms

Menstrual and Premenstrual Symptoms Level Chart (PMS diary)

Cycle and PMS Symptom Comparison Chart

Feminine Protection Usage Chart

by Protection Type and Absorbency

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Fertility Chart

Fertility Activity Chart

Fertility Phases Report (Follicular & Luteal Phases correlated to menstrual cycle)

Fertility Cycle Phase (Luteal & Follicular) Length Comparison Chart

Fertility Journal Report

Calendar Appointment Book

(based on your calendar markers)

Perimenopause Symptom Charts

Perimenopause Hot Flash and Night Sweats Journal

Weight Chart

Weight Loss/Gain Reports

Fertility Note Pads

Travelling Cycle Note Pads

Pregnancy Symptom Charting

Pregnancy Weight Chart

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