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We'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has written in recently with your feedback on MyMonthlyCycles. Thank you!

And, for all of you who've been interested in a MyMonthlyCycles App, we wanted to let you know we have much in the works, and an App for MyMonthlyCycles is under way. Take the MyMonthlyCycles App Survey!

We also have some changes coming up to celebrate upcoming birthday -- 10 years on the web! Stay tuned...

Update on MyMonthlyCycles APP

Late Fall, 2013

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to give you an update on the App for We now have some of the core tracking in place:

  • MyMonthlyCycles Menstrual Cycle Calendar App

    Similar to our online calendar for at a glance review of your monthly cycles, with cycle dashboard.

  • MyMonthlyCycles Period Tracker App and More!

    Many of the same menstrual cycle and period trackers are now in APP format, including our period and symptom trackers!

Next up: fertility tracking for the MyMonthlyCycles App.

Simultaneously, we are working on synchronization. The goal here is the ability to track on the MyMonthlyCycles App as well as on the MyMonthlyCycles Website with an option to keep them in-sync! Technically, it has some challenges, and we are currently at work on this.

Thanks to all who have voted in the App Survey. If you haven't yet, and have a sec, we'd love your feedback too.

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