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MyMonthlyCycles Web App Update

Greetings! You've probably noticed: we've updated MyMonthlyCycles!

For the last few years, we've been maintaining two versions: the main website, designed for PCs, and a limited edition version designed for several web-enabled tablets and smartphones.

With so many new devices and sizes now available (and frequently emerging), we've updated MyMonthlyCycles so that we're maintaining just one version, which can work across many more devices: from laptops and desktops, to many popular tablets and smartphones.

With this upgrade, MyMonthlyCycles will now generally re-size its pages to fit your device (more below). Therefore, later in 2016, we'll be phasing out the older mobile version.

Keeping MyMonthlyCycles web-based means that no matter which of your devices you access MyMonthlyCycles from, it's still the same account, and consequently always in-sync! When you're out and about, access MyMonthlyCycles from your smartphone or tablet; Back home or at your desk, pull up MyMonthlyCycles from your laptop or desktop.

As noted above, MyMonthlyCycles generally re-sizes to your device. A small set of pages are not yet converted. Those should work well on your laptop/PC and tablet, but not optimally on smartphone. Also, you may be using a mobile device we've not tested. If you have any issues, please let us know, including what device you're using.

Big Screens vs. Small Screens...

The main difference you'll see when accessing MyMonthlyCycles on a smartphone or tablet with a smaller screen is that the page drops down to 1 column.

Most of the info you're accustomed to seeing on the wider page, like helpful related cycle tool links on the right sidebar, is positioned below. Simply scroll down for more!

On wider screens, MyMonthlyCycles's main menu is at page left. On smaller devices, the menu moves to page top, accessed by clicking or tapping MyMonthlyCycles menu for smartphones and tablets.

Settings - Account, Prefs

Previously, several account setting options were available after login, via links in the upper left of most pages: Account and Preferences.

These options are still available but have moved. After login, the link ME appears at the top of the pages. Click on ME and a menu displays with Account, Preferences and several other links.