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Your Period and Your Wedding Day

Nobody wants a wedding day period! It's a major hassle at the worst possible time. From having to constantly worry about your beautiful, pristine dress (it's not like we have a backup dress in the event of a leak), to all of the other period related inconveniences. Not to mention, feeling suboptimal; And let's not start on the honeymoon!

If you're getting married soon, start your outsmart AF planning now! Are you likely to get your period on your wedding day or honeymoon? Plus find out if you can delay your period so it does not coincide with your wedding!

Period Planners & Period Calculators

MyMonthlyCycles has several period calculators that can help predict* when you're likely to get your period in relation to your wedding.

Delaying Your Period

As outlined in the Q&A How can I delay my period from starting, you can "definitely prevent your period from coming" by working with your doctor, "but not if you call the week before".

And, as also noted: "the most successful way to do this is...a few months in advance." Therefore, make sure to leave sufficient time to work with your doctor to prevent your period from attending your wedding!

How many women get their period on the wedding day?

A while back, we ran the MyMonthlyCycles Poll:

Did you have your period on your wedding day?

Over 20,000 MMCers have responded:

21% had their period on their wedding day. And of those, 43% started their period on their big day.

While most women did not have their period during their wedding, this fact is somewhat non-relevant since everyone's cycle is unique, and the likelihood of having your period on a specific date is based on a number of factors, including when your period last started, your cycle length, and the regularity of your cycles. For this reason, our menstrual cycle forecast calculators can be extremely helpful because they focus exclusively on your cycles.

Coping: AF @ Your Wedding

If it looks inevitable that your period will be starting close to your wedding, it's time to start working on your contingency plans. For example:

  • Which protection will you use if you have your period on your wedding day? It's usually a good idea to go with something tried and true, that's never let you down in the past. Talk to your bride-friends and find out what they did; You can also find tons of discussion on the internet on this topic!

  • Will you use some form of feminine protection, like a light day pad, even if you don't have your period, but there's a chance it could start?

  • Will you designate a bridesmaid as first lieutenant, head of your elite period guard, to, literally, watch your back, remind you it's check-time...?

Best of luck, happy wedding, and may your period be a no-show!

* All predicted period dates are estimates only. As each person's monthly menstrual cycle may vary from time to time for a variety of reasons (including the stress of planning a wedding), we make no guarantee that your period will or will not occur on these dates.