Sale Discount Percent Off Calculator

Calculate the sale price of any item; enter starting amount, percent off or discounts, and see your final price with savings.

Figuring out how much you'll save, and if it's worth the buy, just got way easier on your mobile phone! Like you see a sign that says: it's 89.99, sale 35% off, plus an additional 10%. Ummm, huh? Exactly. With the Shopping Percent Off Calculator, turn Huh? into Aha! Incidentally, it's 52.64 - we calculated with our sale calculator!

The calculator handles multiple discounts in the same way stores generally do: the second discount is taken after the adjustment is made for the first discount. So, in the above example, you don't get 35% and 10% off the original price. You get 35% off the $89.99, which yields $58.49. The 10% off is then applied to the $58.49.

Usage: Enter the item's current price. Then enter the first discount: either the percent off or actual amount off. If there's a secondary discount, enter its percent off or actual amount off. Enter sales tax if applicable and you want it reflected in the final price; Sales tax is applied after all discounts.