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Ovulation Detection Results

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Do you BBT chart to detect ovulation?

How others have answered:

I do


I did, but not anymore


I do not


If not, how do you determine ovulation?

How others have answered:

Ovulation Tests (OPKs)


Fertility Monitor




Related Information

Did you know that Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting is a retrospective marker, meaning that it indicates that you have already ovulated. At that point, your fertile period is almost over.

Ovulation tests and fertility monitors, on the other hand, give you advance notice that ovulation is about to occur, thereby expanding your cycle's getting pregnant opportunity by 2 to 4 times. Find out when to start using your Ovulation Tests during your cycle with WhenMyBaby's Ovulation Test Days Calculator.

An ovulation calendar can also help forecast your fertile days. If your cycle is generally regular, check out MyMonthlyCycles Ovulation Calendar. And, if your cycle varies by a few days, the Advanced Conception Calculator at WhenMyBaby can forecast your entire fertility window based on your shortest and longest cycles.