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Pregnancy Week Results

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If you've been pregnant, at what week was your pregnancy test positive?

How others have answered:

4 weeks


5 weeks


6 weeks


7-8 weeks


9-10 weeks


11 or more weeks


Related Information

Whether you're trying to conceive - or to avoid - knowing if you got pregnant during your cycle may be on your mind as you await your next period to start. Happily, here in the 2020s, tools are available to easily find out.

You can determine if you got pregnant this cycle using early pregnancy tests which you can conveniently purchase online, including brands and generic pregnancy tests. You can buy generics in bulk, making it affordable to test early and often.

Wondering how many weeks pregnant you would be right now, if you got pregnant this cycle? The two tools below can help date your pregnancy, by week, if, in fact, you did get pregnant this cycle.

  • Gestational Pregnancy Calendar at WhenMyBaby.com - To use, select Based On: Last Menstrual Period, then enter the date your last period started; Also select Pregnancy View: Gestational Age, and your nine months will be calculated by week and day.
  • Pregnancy Weeks Calculator at MyMonthlyCycles - To what-if calculate, for Pregnancy Started, enter the start date of your last period. The chart shows the date each pregnancy week starts if it turns out you get pregnant this cycle.

Using the above calculators along with early pregnancy tests can help keep you in the know! Please remember, even if your cycle is regular, any cycle can vary for a variety of reasons, so check in with your healthcare provider if you think you are pregnant but your test is negative.

Empowering Cycle Tools

Are early pregnancy tests 99% accurate? Most are - when used on the day of your missed period. Check the instruction sheet that came with your pregnancy test for its accuracy rate. When is the day of your missed period? The day after your expected next period start day.