2019 Popular Baby Names Have Arrived!

September 2020 - Usually the Social Security Administration releases the most popular baby names for the previous year at the end of May of the next year. Due to Covid-19, this year the list of popular boy and girl names for 2019 was delayed. The list is here, released last week!

We've updated all the baby name tools on MyMonthlyCycles, as well as those on WhenMyBaby.com to now include include name popularity for 2019 (more below)!

MyMonthlyCycles baby name chart tool is a great way to see how name trends change over time. Take the name Karen, for example, which is, understandably, plummeting quickly, after having been in the Top 10 for much of the 1950s and 1960s, and in the top 100 through to the mid-80s. In just the past 10 years, the name Karen has dropped nearly 200% in its ranking. We know some fantastic women named Karen (Boomers, GenXers, Millenials, and GenZers), and think disparaging any person's name is outright nameism. Imagine how you would feel if your name became a meme, and the name your parents lovingly chose for you becomes the butt of ruthless jokes. "What's in a name", so asked Juliet (in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet)? Plenty, apparently, if used in a nameist fashion.

As you can see from the below charts, the Top 10 girl and boy names did not change much in 2019; In fact, no new name entered or exited the Top 10.

Top 10 Girl Names of 2019 versus 2018

Rank Girls 2019 Girls 2018
1 Olivia Emma
2 Emma Olivia
3 Ava Ava
4 Sophia Isabella
5 Isabella Sophia
6 Charlotte Charlotte
7 Amelia Mia
8 Mia Amelia
9 Harper Harper
10 Evelyn Evelyn

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Top 10 Boy Names of 2019 versus 2018

Rank Boys 2019 Boys 2018
1 Liam Liam
2 Noah Noah
3 Oliver William
4 William James
5 Elijah Oliver
6 James Benjamin
7 Benjamin Elijah
8 Lucas Lucas
9 Mason Mason
10 Ethan Ethan

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MyMonthlyCycles Baby Name Tools - 2019 Names Added

The newly released baby name list includes the Top 1000 baby names parents chose in 2019, and all of MyMonthlyCycles baby namer tools have been updated, including MyMonthlyCycles baby name popularity charts, name finder, and baby name generator using AI!

WhenMyBaby Baby Names Tools - 2019 Names Added

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