Fertility Chart Sharing

With chart sharing, you can:

  • Share your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) fertility Charts in the MyMonthlyCycles BBT Chart Room, also often referred to as the Fertility Chart Gallery.

  • Use your BBT chart page link in your other web places like forums and blogs.

  • Use chart comments to discuss your fertility charts.

  • Set display options for your BBT Charts.

  • Tag your BBT charts with ovulatory and fertility keywords to help others find charts like yours.

The BBT Fertility Chart Room at MyMonthlyCycles

Find fertility charts using the BBT Fertility Chart Gallery. There you can view recent BBT chart entries, and search on a specific BBT Chart by fertility and ovulation related tags (e.g. Biphasic, Triphasic, Anovulatory, IVF, IUI, Clomid and more).

For a more advanced search, click over to the Find BBT Chart page, where you can search for charts that match all selected tags you select, an excellent way to find others with fertility charts similar to yours!

Note: All visitors can view BBT charts in the Fertility Chart Room - no login needed. Logged in members can also save charts of interest in their following list (displayed at the bottom of the BBT Chart Room) for easy nav-back later.

BBT Chart Sharing FAQs

Note: Many of the links below will only work if you are logged in.

How do I set My BBT Chart Profile Options?

From page colors to enabling comments to the About You info you choose to share, there are many options for how and what displays with your BBT Charts. To set, goto your Chart Profile:

BBT Chart Room >> Share BBT Charts/Setup >> Edit My Chart Profile

How do I share my BBT Charts in the MyMonthlyCycles Chart Room?

Set Show Charts in ChartRoom to Yes in your Chart Profile. Charts you've opted to share are listed in the BBT chart room when they match a visitor's fertility tag search criteria.

See the FAQ just above for how to update your chart profile.

How do I share my BBT Charts in blogs, etc. ?

Use your BBT Chart Page link, located on your chart setup page:

BBT Chart Room >> Share BBT Charts/Setup

How do I let others comment on my shared BBT Charts?

Set Allow Members to Comment? to Yes in your Chart Profile. Logged in members can then discuss your BBT charts with you. Chart posts appear directly below each of your BBT Charts.

What is My Chart Signature?

If you set Show Your Chart Signature to Yes in your Chart Profile, anytime you post a comment to other members' BBT charts, a link back to your BBT chart is automatically included.

How do I share my BBT Charts?

You can share your BBT Chart for any of your cycles. There are three easy ways to share a BBT Chart -- use any or all:

  • From your chart sharing setup page, click [+]Add Chart.

  • While editing your BBT data using MyMonthlyCycles fertility calendar. On the fertility entry screen, set your Edit View to BBT. Click Share this Chart to share the chart under edit.

  • While using Fertility Charting's BBT Chart page, click Share My Chart to share the chart you are viewing.

How do I Tag BBT Charts, and why?

When you opt to share a specific fertility chart, you can assign tags to that chart. For each BBT chart, you can assign up to 12 menstrual cycle and fertility related tags. These tags are an additional way for you to tell your BBT chart viewing audience more about this fertility cycle and/or how you've interpreted your BBT chart. The tags you assign are displayed with this shared chart.

Examples of tags you can assign to your BBT chart: BFN, biphasic, BFP, triphasic, anovulatory, bbt charting after the pill or IUD or Depo Provera, while on clomid, when using an ovulation prediction kit.

If you are sharing your charts in the BBT Chart Room, visitors can search for fertility and ovulation charts using these tags.

How do I create a BBT Chart?

To share a BBT chart, you need to create it, and it couldn't be easier with MyMonthlyCycles Enhanced Fertility tools! BBT Charts are automatically generated based on your fertility cycle tracking data.

Each fertility cycle is defined by the first day of your menstrual period. Therefore, to start a new BBT chart, simply use the MyMonthlyCycles menstrual and fertility cycle calendar. Use the Track My Period Event to record your period start date. A new BBT chart is instantly started.

To enter your BBT and other fertility data, use the menstrual calendar's Fertility Tracking Event. On the Fertility Tracking Screen, enter your daily basal body temperature reading, along with other related fertility data (cervical fluid, cervical position, pregnancy test results, ovulation prediction kit (OPK) results, and more).

Note 1: Some of our members choose to use OPKs and fertility monitors in conjunction with, or instead of, BBT charting. Not a problem. Fill in whichever information pertains to how you track your fertility cycle. If you share your fertility charts, you may want to use either the About You or Chart Description field to make a note of this, so those viewing your charts understand how you chart your fertility -- but that's totally at your option. Using fertility chart tags is also a very easy way to summarize how you chart your fertility.

Note 2: You can create BBT charts for past cycles. Simply adjust your MyMonthlyCycles menstrual calendar date, start that cycle by recording your period start date, and then use the fertility entry screen to post your fertility data for that cycle.

Note 3: As soon as you start a BBT chart, you can share it in the BBT Chart Room, an excellent way for you to discuss your fertility chart and where you are in your fertility cycle with others. Each day, just log back in and post the current day's fertility activity, and your BBT chart is instantly updated.

More Info: Coverline and Days Past Ovulation on BBT Chart

Chart & Post Nickname

Your member id is not shown on your shared fertility charts or on any chart comments you post. Instead, your MyMonthlyCycles nickname is shown. To setup your MyMonthlyCycles nickname:

  • Go to your chart profile page.

    Click on the link toward the top of the page Setup Your Chart NickName.

  • Or, go to My Account.

    Click on the link Edit My Nickname.

Note: To show your shared charts in the MyMonthlyCycles Chart Room, you need to first setup your nickname. Therefore, if you've opted to include shared charts in the chart room but they are not showing, make sure to enter a nickname. Further, to post comments on others' charts, your nickname must first be defined.

Fertility Chart Sharing Navigation

The following table shows many of the links related to sharing and viewing BBT charts on MyMonthlyCycles.com

Several of these links are available on the BBT Chart menu (shown just below) which is displayed near the top of most BBT chart related pages. You can click on BBT Chart Room from the MyMonthlyCycles left menu to access this menu.

BBT Chart OptionDescriptionHow to Get ThereRequires Login?
(BBT ChartRoom)
The place on MyMonthlyCycles where members can list their shared BBT charts for viewing.Click BBT Gallery from the left menu (or drop-down menu if on a smartphone or smaller device). Or, Gallery from the BBT Chart menu.Not to browse charts. Yes to add charts to your Following List
Find BBT ChartsAdvanced BBT Chart finder. Find fertility charts matching all selected fertility tags.Click Advanced Search from BBT ChartRoom. Or, click Find from the BBT Chart menu.No
View BBT Charts View a member's shared BBT Chart, along with chart comments if enabled by the member Click member's BBT chart link from within any of the BBT Chart Room pages where charts are listed. Also accessible if member has posted chart link externally in forums, etc. No login to view BBT chart and related shared info. Login required to post comments, add chart to saved list, etc.
Share BBT Charts/SetupLink available from BBT Chart menu.Main page for sharing BBT Chart (Add, change, delete charts). Also contains your BBT chart page link for use in forums. Plus links to setting up your chart profile and display options. Yes
My Chart ProfileProvides many options for setting up BBT chart sharing.Click Customize My Chart Profile from the Share BBT Charts/Setup page. Direct link also available when you are logged in and viewing your own BBT charts. Yes
BBT Chart OptionDescriptionHow to Get ThereRequires Login?