Menopause Tickers

Whether you're in perimenopause or menopause, these tickers automatically adjust to where you are in your transition*.

Create Your Menopause Tickers

Your menopause ticker counts down the days until menopause:

menopause ticker - number of days until menopause starts

Ticker sample on the day that menopause starts:

menopause ticker - indicates the day when menopause officially starts

Ticker sample once in meonpause (showing day count since menopause started).

menopause ticker - counter of how many days you've been in menopause

Build your menopause ticker now with the ticker maker at (our sister-site)!

It's simple to create your peri/menopause ticker. Just add the date of your last period, select your menopause ticker design, and then copy your ticker code into your forums, blogs, social networks...

What if my period starts again before menopause starts?
Just re-build your ticker with your latest period start date and this will re-start the menopause ticker countdown. To do so, you'd go to the ticker maker and re-create your ticker and re-post to your forums, etc.

* Based on the date of your last period you specify when setting up your ticker.