How do I track my perimenopause symptoms?

At MyMonthlyCycles, you can track many perimenopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, sleep changes and many more.

Perimenopause symptom tracking and journaling is turned off by default.

To use these features, you need to activate it (just once), using Me > App Prefs, setting the field Show Perimenopause Symptoms to yes.

Once activated, you can track your premenopause symptoms on any day of your menstrual cycle, use MyMonthlyCycles Menstrual Calendar (Track Your Cycle). Also use the perimenopause journal to log details on hot flashes and night sweats whenever they occur.

How To: Locate the date in the calendar on which you want to track perimenopause symptoms, and click Edit. In the lower portion of the next screen (My Events), symptoms appear in the section My PeriMenopause Symptoms Today. Click the edit link to access the symptom edit screen. Click the Perimenopause Journal Edit link, also on this screen, to edit the perimenopause journal.

More Peri-menopause Tracking at MyMonthlyCycles

You can track your periods using either our Period Calendar or Menstrual Calendar, as well as track additional menstrual cycle symptoms and PMS symptoms via the menstrual calendar. If your periods and menstrual cycles are changing due to perimenopause, keeping a detailed record can be very useful for sharing with your doctor.

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