How can I detect ovulation based on my menstrual cycle?


  • subtract 14 from your shortest and longest cycle- for example if your periods come every 24 to 28 days, you will ovulate between days 10 and 14. If you are trying to conceive, you should have sex 2 days before (sperm liver 48-72 hours and you want them around prior to ovulation so you will have the best chance for conception), and every 2 days is sufficient (days 8,10,12 and 14).
  • you can take an over the counter ovulation prediction test starting on (in the above example) on day 8.
  • Taking BBTs (basal body temperatures) can tell you that you DID ovulate, but it is not prospective- it is retrospective, and it is hard to use this to help you plan pregnancy.
  • Luteal phase progesterone levels also tell you that you have ovulated, but again it is retrospective.

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